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Alive In New Light

Released: February 02, 2018

1. Stardust — Lyrics || Video
2. Alive In New Light — Lyrics
3. Break The Chain — Lyrics
4. Body Politics — Lyrics
5. Exit — Lyrics
6. Stalker — Lyrics || Video
7. Big Man — Lyrics
8. Mile Deep Hollow — Lyrics || Video
9. The Power And The Glory — Lyrics


I’ve got this funny feeling that I just can’t shake
The devil in the wires, the data eating up my brain
There’s a flood that’s coming up to my bed
Chaos wins and I can’t get over it
How do I even learn to play the human way?
Smiles without a heart, weird mechanical mistakes
There’s a flood that’s coming up to my bed
Love’s out there but I’m indifferent
Stand up can you keep your head?
Love me like tomorrow we’re dead
Beauty, violence
War is within us
We’ll be silenced
Tomorrow we’re gonna be stardust
No more ego
Nothing to control us
Painless freedom
Tomorrow we’re gonna be stardust
It’s pulling me apart a little piece by piece
Paradox and loss are knocking me off my feet
And there’s a flood that’s coming up to my bed
It’s a lose-lose world and I can’t stomach it
I wanna turn it all around in a volte-face
Eternally recurring, oh yeah put me in a trance
And there’s a flood that’s coming up to my bed
Love’s out there and I can’t stomach it


Alive In New Light

There’s a power much bigger than hate
Still lost in the urge to annihilate
But I know I will overcome this
You dragged me through the darkest days
By the skin of my teeth you restored my fate
And I raised myself out of the ashes

Now I’m alive in new light

And I was carrying the weight of the universe
The typical brittle perfectionist
Confused by my every decision
One day I was being the hero
The next I was playing the coward
Burnt out by my overreaction

There were times when I thought that my heart would stop
Running for a bleak horizon
Locked in my obsessions
And now I am the raindrop
I am the tulip
I have learned compassion


Break The Chain

I’m sinking with America
All smothered by my conscience and fear
I’m aching in the strangest places
Can’t feel myself with distance
I forget that there’s a world outside
Where I can be weightless in the sunlight
So many vices with me everywhere I go
And they’re serving me to the lions slowly
Baby I feel like I’m alone again
And I’m fading, I know that this is how it ends
Can you help me?
Can you promise that you will carry the pain?
Oh baby, ‘cause I feel I’ll never break the chain
And I repeat the foolish addict’s loop

The boiling over and the keeping it cool
Give me the stage, God knows my life needs staging
What the hell else should I do?


Body Politics

I love you in this light
Your head’s in the sand and you’re crying inside tonight
You have to let it go
There’s nothing in the world that will stop me from taking you whole
Your body is the answer
Your mind is in chains
The union, the divine
When I touch you and I taste you I only want to be inside
Reaction and release
There’s something that’s stirring deep in me



Hold me like you mean it
Tonight I need to feel your skin on my skin
Often I forget you’re this being
I get lost alone online, stalking humanity
The world is collapsing
The world is indifferent
Can you feel it
The communication
Inside this room?
We are infinite
So let the hurricane come blow me down
Down to the mountain where I will scream to be found
The sky has opened up and now I’m overcome
With all the information, the universe, the atom



I know you’re aching to be saved
From all the bullshit and banality
Sacredly I have watched you grow
You’ve conquered all the self-loathing and high hopes

I saw you giving me the signs
The perfect picture that you get my life
Now all my other gods are dead
Hallelujah to the apocalypse in my head

Knock knock
I am here for you
Who’s there?
Just the eternal fool

I will be your shadow
I will follow you
Never let you go

You are a siren in my dark
You need me now like I’ve needed you from the start
I will protect you from yourself
I will never let the anger consume or destroy you again


Big Man

Big Man
Throwing his weight around like an ape
The aliens and the heartbreak
The privileged prick got to make us his bitches
And we lap it up, give us a second cup
As far as the eye can see
The guts and the grind wrapped in apathy
It’s a miracle
That we made it here

As far as the eye can see
The paralyzed giving their lives up for free
That we made it here
On tip toes
Jailed by the herds and hung by the rope of fear
How did we get here?
The boys with their toys are bringing the void our way
For the infinite rainy day, hooray


Mile Deep Hollow

Now we’re floating like two feathers
In the sunlight and the dust of California
And you no longer have to carry me
We are exactly where I wanted us to be

No more hesitation
Nothing will ever divide us again
No more energy wasted
On the temper of our time
Just the truth and the sublime

So thank you
You need to know
That you dragged me out
Of a mile deep hollow
And I love you
You brought me home
‘cause you dragged me out
Of a mile deep hollow

We threw our past in the Atlantic
And those eleven days remain in our tool kit
We took our chances with the desert life
Even though we got lost along the way in our own minds

We took all the blows
Searching for purity
We put an end to all
The beating up ourselves
And the walking on eggshells


The Power And The Glory

Here am I
The divided self
My head spinning like a carousel
The world outside may still be beautiful
But I love this cell

Come over
You are still sane
I could give you just a little brawn if you give me a little brains
It’s a mess in here, I’ve been drinking
Myself blind again

My legs are numb, I just can’t get up
Will you stay through the theatre
Of my self-pity, my lechery?
I’m waiting for your guiding light to bring me back
To the power and the glory

Send messages
Old suggestive shit
I know that it will catch me up, but I just can’t help it
There’s an emptiness in my core
It’s embarrassing

Reel me in
Yes I will confess
I’m numb and I don’t give a fuck ‘cause it’s all just surface
Why can’t you and I just let go
And take all the risks?