A documentary by Danny Drysdale about the making of "The Unified Field", the 5th studio album by alternative electronic outfit IAMX. A touching, funny and intense insight into the workings of a modern day renaissance project. Featuring rare interviews with Chris Corner, producer Jim Abbiss, the live band members, and Sneaker Pimps co-founder Liam Howe. Plus, see special footage of live performances and backstage madness.

"IAMX is evolving, I don't know where it's going but it's evolving from very much electronic, into any sound." - Jim Abbiss


The Mile Deep Hollow documentary follows Chris Corner and his live band (Janine Gezang, Sammi Doll, and Jon Siren) from their early rehearsals in Southern California through to the end of the tour. With behind the scenes footage and detailed interviews, this documentary offers a deeper insight into the music and art project, and marks an unprecedented openness for IAMX in an effort to create a deeper connection with his fans.

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