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About Sneaker Pimps

Formed in Hartlepool, UK in 1994, Sneaker Pimps immediately emerged as a musical force and pioneer of the trip-hop genre with their debut album, 'Becoming X' (1996).

Known for clever sampling, bittersweet melodies and a moody
sound which intricately combined organic & electronic production and
morphed between female and male vocal performances, they landed in the UK Top 40 five times during their initial seven year run with tracks such as Six Underground, Spin Spin Sugar, Low Five, and Bloodsport.

After a mutual decision to explore other avenues, both founding members Chris Corner (IAMX) and Liam Howe (AMP) went on to create their own highly successful musical and visual projects collaborating with artists as diverse as Gary Numan and Lana del Rey.

Now based in LA and London respectively, Sneaker Pimps reunited in 2021 and, alongside featured vocalist Simonne Jones and past collaborators Ian Pickering and Jim Abbiss, have released their long-awaited fourth album, 'Squaring The Circle'.