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HEADSTREAMS Art & Poetry Book

HEADSTREAMS Art & Poetry Book

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Chris Corner as IAMX is a multi-dimensional singer songwriter, electronic producer and visual artist, with an existential drive and fascination with all things psychological.

In 2013, in the midst of a world tour, Corner fell into a deep depression that left him paralyzed with chronic insomnia and mental health issues. Confronting this reality would lead him into a reclusive long bout of therapy, healing and relapse over the next 5 years.

Headstreams is one of the projects to emerge from this period. Inside is a collection of photographs, sketches, lyrics, and poetry created by Corner as he looked inward and struggled with his illness. Here, unfinished abstract sentences morph into fully formed lyrical structures, and nasty cartoon scribbles into high art photography. We get to know Corner not only as an exceptional music maker, but a piercing, viscerally open writer with a natural insight into both the fragility and strength of the human condition.

As gratitude to his followers and the IAMX community for supporting him through his darkness, Corner invited his fans to submit artwork in response to the concept. These images have become a sublime compliment and integral part of the book.

Headstreams is a beautiful, brutally honest body of work that is not only a symbol of love but also a symbol of the ongoing fight against the stigmatization of mental health.

“HEADSTREAMS is, above all, unapologetically vulnerable –– a rare & valuable thing in an era that can feed on irony and detachment for survival. It is a necessary read for anyone who’s ever felt alone in the maze of their own mental contradictions, multitudes, or paradoxes. Put simply, it gives its audience permission to be more than one thing at a time… to be variable… to be {X}.” – Joseph Penola (The You Rock Foundation, Founder).
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