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The video for Neurosymphony is a testament to the artistic squeeze of practical limitations . I shot it alone . One camera one lens . This forced me to think hard about what was possible . I love hard contrast makeup ,  imagery , and I love super surreal macro . These are elements I use often in live visuals so I am comfortable with this flipflop between person and abstract .

 Narrative in music videos annoys me so leaning into the indulgence of weirdness and other-worldliness became my aim .

The lack of lip sync and traditional performance strengthens the abstraction . But these kind of images still create intense moods and can be just as deep and meaningful as a concocted story line .

 Life is chaotic , beautiful , wild . Why not reflect this chaos in visuals ? Why always spell it out ? People will naturally create their meanings . It’s healthy for them . Abstraction and hard limitations can motivate good art , and this in turn motivates meaning . 

In compliment to the camera work , set design , and performance I developed my own method and sensitive use of AI photography and video manipulation for some of the macro shots in tandem with the mood of the imagery. This deserves further discussion , but having a brief glimpse of the limits of early AI , its quirks , and also its immense power is exciting and I see a fertile future ahead .


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