EU Tour Update 03



 Hello darlings ,

Today we had a moody day off in Osnabrück . That Northern European grey is sexy for a few days and then the charm fades .

With the remnants of jet lag still niggling , the late show nights of strobe lights and screaming , there’s not much natural light to be experienced . The bus bunk is always pitch black . Lovely for sleeping but terrible for awakening and becoming a person of the real world . So we exist in a netherworld twixt intense unnatural pleasure and adoration , and the all consuming cave-ness of bunk life .

As the rain patters on the bus roof I sometimes long for my sunny home in California . But I also love it . I was born in the bleak wet north and it will always resonate .

Tomorrow we head to another sold out show in Utrecht . This tour has been a fantastic testament to the hard and very clever work of the IAMX team . We’ve tried new more targetable / tangible ways to promote this project without losing ourselves in stress . And it seems to be working . That is very satisfying to witness . Comforting to not be chasing our tails . More smiles , more people and hopefully a little more financial possibility in the years ahead . Let’s see . It’s a fucking turbulent business and I just happen to be in a good mood .

Now I will head to the hotel room . Attempt to wash my filthy hair .


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