EU Tour Update 02

Lovers I’m in full tour flow . Wired tired excited exhausted .
It’s a fascinating lifestyle . It’s squeezes people to showing themselves purely and swiftly .
The band the crew the strangers we bump into . That is a side of touring that I love . There’s no time to fuck around . Life on overdrive , fast track to the point .
And so I expect the same from you , my people . When I stare down at you from the stage I want you to show yourselves fully . Free and raw . Be complete . Radical Self love !
An IAMX show is a safe space for all levels of freakdom .
Show me what you can do .
— Love CCX

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Same here. I was in Cologne, happy to get a ticket for Berlin now!! THX to be that opening up as you are and for a really unforgettable experience – for me a step to find my own X-way since a couple of months now. Your music and way to be was and is an important getting started part of it:

The first song that brought me back home to music and delving deeper into it again was “This Will Make You Love Again” – “The Alternate” is the first CD from IAMX I got as a present from a close friend a long time ago, I loved and love that song much and most from the album – and it works fine! I am learning to play piano now, fullfilling myself a childhood dream. That song was and still is the first one to learn to play on my list and brought me through a lot of sleepless nights.

Since then a lot of great things happened too, a bit like magic in very dark times – by connecting more and more to music & arts again. So I am going on with it and will see what the outcome will be… What I wanna say with all of that said – it is pure truth to give you my feedback with a quote:

“Thank You – You need to know
That you dragged me out
Of a mile deep hollow”

I totally can identify with that song – done hiding, done with my past, done walking on eggshells. Sometimes – of course – I have some back lashs – but the steps forward get bigger, and that’s all that counts. Much love – SX ;)


we’ll make it happen – in addition to the show in Frankfurt we now booked Hamburg, okay, okay, far from home – but need to see u guys twice.

BIG big anticipation!
Eric + Tina


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