Neurosymphony paints a vision...

Neurosymphony paints a vision of a human collective , a freak tribe in alignment and freedom .

Neurons firing in rhythm, in harmony. Radical acceptance of the other , of the self . Face your demons . The recognition of death , the lightness of the flesh , the uselessness of fear , the beauty of dumb fun . Worshiping the isness and leaning hard into the senses .

Don’t you just want all the love every second ? Want to bathe in love ? Don’t you want to give all your love to everything ?

Decommission your traumas and conditioning . Use it as the ultimate tool .

On stage I align . In love in kink I align . In laughter and forgetting I align . In nature and art I align .

I hope you can find something in this that helps make you feel less alone out there in the modern fractured world . — CCX

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