After being voted Band Of The Year 2016 by the readers of Auxiliary Magazine, Chris talks about his plans for 2017 in this recently published interview. He is currently working on two new IAMX releases, “an experimental electronic oddity without voice and a full on album.”

Read the whole interview HERE.

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  • N'Orion Jenkins

    I love how Chris can create music to help with his internal battles while doing the same for his listeners.
    Thank you {X}!

  • Nancy Toregas

    Wow, just read the Band of the Year article. Congratulations. I can’t think of anyone more deserving. … The part about Chris wanting to explore psychiatry stuck out in particular though. (… speaking to Chris now as in a letter…) Interesting, maybe unsurprising- I wonder why… What’s more interesting, and of which it’s a pleasure to suspect the humble reasons after a decade of listening to you spill your guts to the world through IAm{X}, is that you seem not to fully understand/embrace what you have already done (been doing for years) for so many, like me, which beats the pants off of clinical therapy hands down any day. You’re sensitive to a fault, in that even not to feel sometimes seems like too much feeling to bear, from the sounds of things. But, the frustrations are shared with others who also feel alone with themselves because there simply aren’t too many of us around that just need that something you can’t always put your finger on. So, there’s always a mysterious barrier between us and fulfillment, which is what the doctor tries to help with, yes? But what sets you apart, all the while bringing you closer than you feel, is that your work communicates the connection and sense of understanding that so many of us longingly struggle to find. When my hour is up, I remember that the doctor is not a friend who gives a shit, and I imagine (because I’ve never paid for sex) that it must feel a bit like buying a prostitute for company and then forking over cash before they leave- it makes it worse. However, I can listen to IAm{X} and know that somewhere out there in the world is at least one man who can relate, and damnit that’s fucking important. The lyrics, even just the sounds themselves, are exactly as I feel, and what those of us who don’t publicly “face the music” keep to ourselves. I often wish you comfort (not too much because then we don’t have IAm{X} and where the fuck would we all be then? LOL). But honestly, if you want to be in psychiatry to help others, you’re already doing a great job. If it’s for money (likely not, but…), feel free to auction off some sessions in your next kickstarter and I, for one, will see the bidding price in support of my favorite artist so that we can both have our therapy and you can afford the things to keep you fed, strong, and healthy 🙂 If it’s because you need to hear some others’ secrets in order to experience the return of some comfort after all you’ve endured putting yourself out into the world for us (which truly helps me get through things), then, Darling, it’s long overdue and I promise not to hold back. … PS, Please be sure to come back to Denver this next go ’round because I missed you last time. I’m always near the front when I come to your shows, but never get to paint your face. *Fingers {X}’d for next time!! — Love, Nancy

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