Dearest Friends and Lovers
So is this the end of the world as we know it ?
You may have guessed that due to the corona virus, human psychology, travel restrictions and concerns over the safety of our fans, tour party and venue staff we have to reschedule the Echo Echo European acoustic tour.
It will be moved to September-November this year.
Management and promoters have been working hard to lock this down, and in the next few days we will share with you the exact new dates and information on the tickets. 
We are also working on some special online activity in the coming weeks to satisfy your IAMX hunger and our fan lust.
Let’s use this unique time to get cozy, experiment and have fun. 
In the meantime stay healthy, safe and anxiety free. And of course listen to the new {X} acoustic album that is released tomorrow (Friday), in the midst of chaos and uncertainty. I hope it gives you something to celebrate. Maybe you have more time now than ever to listen and get lost in it.
We will send regular updates in the coming days and weeks.
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