Wed 23 Mar 9:00 PM IAMX Orion Live Club, Rome, Italy

Thu 24 Mar 7:00 PM IAMX Salzhaus, Winterthur, Switzerland

Fri 1 Apr 7:30 PM IAMX Reflektor, Liège, Belgium

More dates to be announced.

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  • Monika

    I feel a lot of tension and excitement before of Friday’s March 4 upcoming show in Gdańsk B90 ….:-) But all extremely positive emotions 🙂 I wonder how to swallow You on stage as much as possible, get emotional influenced by your music and just have fun at the same time….? And only one hour for all 🙁
    It is such a great emotional experience for me to see You live.
    I hope to meet you at the backstage. Would you be so kind and find some time to have few words with your Polish fans?

  • Monika

    1000 thanks, Beauties, for the amazing show in Gdańsk last night. You were absolutely miraculous…. I have no words to express my delight. Such immense emotions, lot of dance and scream. Your vox is extremely ravishing live, Chris. Please, come back to Poland soon. Thank You for being.

  • Tareixa

    You are a very pleasant occurence to my ears. Everytime. Please, continue. Fight with yout inner demons, I’m with you in my thoughts. Altough I don’t feel connected all the time, I think and feel you should keep on producing music. You’re quite alright at doing it. Looking forward to hearing from you tommorow.
    Lots of support

  • Jasmine

    Come back Rome plz and ill be there.. sooon homo ,me and my girlfriend cant have a normal life with each other,house ,carlaugh and yugurt and sun. A normal day in a normal resturaunt..we go windowshopping not so often.. but we will be there when you come.even outside of the fence.

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