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  1. Doug Says:

    Again, thanks for posting these blogs. Though I am sure it is impossible to understand the world and creativity of CC, it gives little peeps into the process.

    I like to hear about the way people discover the sounds and music they create along the the instruments and techniques and other gear. Can you talk about what you use during the creative process?

  2. Ray Says:

    Thank you very much for posting. We were waiting for something new for a long time and now we get it, we are happy! Special thanks for moments of a new music, we could hear a pieces of new songsI dont have rules to rush you in that process because Ive seen how much sleepless nights youve spent on it

    You are beautiful. Be inspired and strong to finish your job as fantastic as you want it to be.

    With love, Ray.

  3. ross Says:

    jesus fkin christ.. this is the best v-journal ever! chris you are doing great, i am already in love with the song at 2.25, cant wait to hear it. and i must say that despite the efforts and the sleepless night you look very fine, i guess doing what you like is the best medicine. take care of yourself and do what youl feel like doing, we will be on your side no matter what
    XX R.

  4. kerry Says:

    Once again .. thank you soo much for that little loll inside ;) .. realls nice vid. nice sceen too ;) .. Ach herje.. ich lass das wieder mit dem English..Bin gerade soo überdrüber happy über dieses Vid. Hat mir echt diesen Sonntag abends gerettet.
    Ich freu mich sooooo soo soo auf dieses album. Kanns gar nicht sagen.. und vor allem wenn ich Sie mal wieder life sehen kann. Worte sind hier fast zu schwach um auszudrücken wie gut mir ihre Musik tut. Vor allem life ;)
    IAMX is my CURE . Hope you keep on enjoying the process .. Hugs to all of you, miss you

  5. julia levchenko Says:

    Thank you for your songs. They are amazing. I see you are tired but your beautiful people love you.

  6. Dana Says:

    You are a breath of fresh air

  7. Faye Says:

    Thank you so much for the Post! Chris you are more beautiful each time I see you. Sending you lots of love and support Im confident IAMX5 will be as stunning and magic as your other work xxx

  8. ana Says:

    Hi Chris. Very good to see you again. I´ve beem listening to your music a lot and I still love it. And when I say music, it means melody + voice + arrangements (I don´t know if this is wright). The way you put it together tells me a story, something I can feel, even if you take the lyrics off. I am not saying yhou don´t have good lyrics, I am trying to explain that qhat I like the most is everything you do to put the words on, because the sound of it that´s what makes me love your stuff. Thank you :]

  9. Sasy78 Says:

    this is amazing. Thank you for making music. I wonder how often I can hear these 13 sec of the new soundbit at 2.25 in a row. Im addicted to it.

  10. Julia Says:

    Why are there so few comments? Im surprised. It feels like every journal becomes more beautiful and touching than the previous one. Its so great that you share with us beauty of your world, it almost feels like looking into your soul. When I first read your blog here, I couldnt believe my eyes I was asking myself: How is it even possible? Now I continue asking this every time I watch your journals. And when I watch, I feel so emotional because its so intimate, so magical, so sincere and beautiful. Too big contrast with the real world around me. Just a few days ago I happened to break off the relashionships with a friend. Well, of course were not friends anymore. It happened to me several times, actually. And I always took it hard. Now its easier. Maybe because I got older. Or because I became less sensitive to those things. But what I know is that all your beauty you bring us with your music, your existing on this planet, everything you do all of this really helps me to outlast these hard times. When I feel lost, upset, angry it takes just a second to remember that youre here, between the lines, all around these beautiful sounds, doesnt matter that youre physically on the other edge of the Earth. :) Youre so open to us that it even makes me fear for you. And I feel so grateful for being able to witness your personality, to enjoy your music, videos. The last 6 months were some kind of change for me. Months I spent absorbing your art. I feel different because of it. And it feels good. I just know In on the right way.
    Endless thank you to you, dear Chris. Please dont stop doing what you do because its so rare in our times. Its priceless.

    See you in Russia in november. Be ready for our love.

  11. kerry Says:

    @ julia maybe.. cause this wonderful journal makes most of us nearly speechless ;) .. I could watch it 1000 times ;) ).. when you think you know what is happening, you should.. think again.. Mr corner, we do.. keep it up, have fun .. take your time..as I said before.
    We are waiting patiently ..

  12. Carla Says:

    I am so confused.

  13. Dana Says:

    U hijacked my soul

  14. Tania Says:

    Dear Chris,
    words cannot describe the stray thoughts that are flashing through my mind. Its just my unsettled soul that wants to support you. I feel so bad that I cannot help you in your crowdfunding campaign. Money is the worst thing ever created on this planet. I hate the conditions we live in, but still there are a lot of things we can be happy about. You make us understand that We Can Be Happy and that is true. Sometimes I feel weak and unhappy and nothing helps. But I know that this state of mind is something I need to overcome. You need to remember this too. I know you are strong and you can not only make us happy, but be happy yourself.
    Thank you, dear Christopher!

  15. S Says:

    Hey, Chris.
    Since so many time past can you tell about your relations with Brian Molko?) Maybe they were romantic?..)

  16. Tania Says:

    Dear Mr. Corner,
    I am interested whether you received my mini-letter. Unfortunately I was such in a hurry, being afraid Alberto will leave the club any minute and that’s why I couldn’t write everything I wanted. But at least something. It seems like I was waiting for this concert all my life! It was the best thing that has ever happened to me. I do hope I wrote THANK YOU! I was in such a mess. So I don’t even clearly remember what was in that letter. My soul squirms and my mind is full of flashbacks from the concert. Thank you for the constant eye contact! Your eyes are still in front of mine! Thank you heartily for singing KOWA and The Great Shipwreck of Life! Your music is our Kingdom and you help us to survive in these volatile times. And many-many-many thanks for Missile!

    With endless love,

  17. Sahra Shirazi Says:

    This is amazing must be very different for you. More people relate to you than you would probably like as I know I do (relate, that is) to the music and presentation and the ever expressive X style that you have, although they are all, all your own. I know that without the piano I wouldnt be alive, it has a voice that causes your inner make~up to dance in ways that can get you naturally high. I love improvisation. Thats a pure high one that doesnt hurt me. Much surprise to you sharing, and much delight. I am sure it will be good for you, and annoying at the same time. You are truly blessed to know your gift and to have stayed so independent. LOVE IT ALL~

  18. Sahra Shirazi Says:

    Though there is nothing new under the sun, you are so truly unique to me and so fucking refreshing!

  19. Natalia Says:

    I have a question Chris lyrics are beautiful. Dont he really have a person for whom he writing them? Some have texts as if they were addressed to someone. For example: Avalanches, Fire and Whispers

  20. Natalia Says:


  21. Sahra Shirazi Says:

    I am glad to know that Berlin, in your opinion, is a place for the artist an artist in every sense of the word I mean, just the studio you were recording in says home to me, and makes my mouth water when I think of all the places in the world I have not yet experienced. Life is about day and night, good and evil, laughter and tears but for some, we tend to dwell at times in the darker places. Why? I do not know, but as we can realize the beauty around us, these dark places light up. I have no idea who you really are, even though I have looked quite closely at your art and music, but the person inside is a whole new adventure, as I know this personally. I hope you are happy and satisfied with your accomplishments and I hope at some point you actually read and believe this. I have nothing to gain from lying and thats not my style. I am honest to a fault, which offends some, but hey LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO BULL SHIT~ Though it can be done with style and grace, lol. Sleep, nourish your temple, create, love.

  22. Rob Says:

    Never posted before but feel that after 4 concerts and a LOT of listening I have to comment. Sadly i have become like many people today, where most music does not mean much, both in terms of lyrics and compositions. You have singel handedly reminded me of why I love music and what it can mean and make you feel. After personal tragedy I have taken solace and strenght in your music. Thank you and much love


  23. Yana Says:

    Chris, thank you for these youtube blogs, they are stunning to watch. I cant wait for the album in March (already on pre-order) and for the US tour! Happy New Year to you, I hope this year treats you well and is full of beautiful things. I hope it makes you smile, brings you peace, brings you excitement, more fans, more love, and many new songs (although the last is also a gift for us).

    I remember the first time I heard your album, The Alternative, and how I laid on my bed, eyes closed, my soul in an entirely different place. Every single album since then has drawn from me the same reaction. Your music makes me FEEL. And the upcoming album is not going to be any different. The anticipation is frustratingly sweet.

    See you in New York, Mister X. Were waiting, like hopeless romantics, to see you again.

  24. Sahra Shirazi Says:

    I think I have finally realized why for the past 20 years most of the great bands tend to stick to the other side of the fucking planet. (and in my opinion most come from the EAST) USA is shallow garbage I must move, it is a mental health issue, must see good music live well , Ive seen sommmmme, but fuck! I have to mourn shows all too often. MUST MOVE MUST MOVE MUSTMOVE

  25. Sahra Shirazi Says:

    I think you have the power to awaken a persons sexuality after theyve tried to kill it. I know it has mine. Thank you, you talented, sexy, mother fucker. :) *

  26. Melody Says:

    Hello again, Ive been frequenting my comments on YouTube, but first time posting here. I shall do so more often. Im curious, will there be a new blog coming soon? :D Ive enjoyed these so much. Thanks for everything you do.

  27. Caro Says:

    Hallo, ich bin sehr gespannt auf das neue Album. Vielen Dank, dass wir den Enstehungsprozess zum Teil miterleben durften. Ich hoffe, es lief für dich alles etwas einfacher als beim letzten Album, weniger Kräfte kostend, dafür mit mehr gutem Gefühl.
    Ist möglicherweise geplant irgendwann eine DVD mit Videos und Live aufnahmen?
    Ich habe Deinen Blog erst vor kurzem entdeckt, er ist sehr persönlich und ich danke Dir für Deine Offenheit. Gerne würde ich mich einmal näher mit Dir unterhalten, aber mit diesem Wunsch stehe ich nicht allein und vermutlich werde ich nie die Gelegenheit dazu haben.
    Für mich war es unglücklicherweise nicht möglich zu kaufen ein meet&greet oder Email-Austausch, aber ich freue mich, euch im april in berlin zu sehen. Alles Liebe von Caro (die das Tour Diary als dein Geburtstagsgeschenk gebastelt hat)

  28. Caro Says:

    Sorry, I posted the german Version instead of the english translation here it is:

    Hello, I am very excited about the new album. Thank you for letting us experience the creation process in some cases. I hope it was for you all a bit easier than the last album, costing less power, but with more good feeling.
    May be scheduled at some point a DVD with videos and live recordings?
    I discovered your blog recently, it is very personal and I thank you for your openness. I would love to talk with you a bit more detail, but with this request, I am not alone and I will probably never have the chance.
    For me, it was unfortunately not possible to buy a meet and greet or email exchange, but Im glad to see you in April in Berlin. Love from Caro (who has crafted the Tour Diary as your birthday present)

  29. Exchange Twitter Followers Says:

    I am looking for a qualified author, long time within this region. Excellent article!

  30. Kerry Says:

    Hi, its Kerry here, one more time. I wanted to let you know the only problem I have now, is that there is a TERRIBLE woman who turned my dad into a HORRIBLE man, who thinks everything I do and say is crazy. He is already dead to me. As for the woman, she stole something VERY important to me. MY TICKETS TO SEE YOU!!! I have to get over there and do that ASAP, but, now that Im homeless with a kitten, I have to be SUPER careful. I may be a fool, but I am NOT a hopeless fool. I hope you understand my situation. There is no question I will see you on May 14th. I am just majorly pissed off with a woman I hate right now. That is IT. As far as Im concerned, Dearest Chris, the SOONER I see YOU, the better. Hugs and Love to you Always.

    Kerry and Saffyre (the kitten.)

  31. Shelley Says:

    Ive just discovered all these video blogs, thanks for posting them, Im quite fascinated by this insight into your creative world. Looking forward to hearing the new album.

    P.S I wish youd play Bristol.

  32. Anna Says:

    Youve probably hear and read this many times over, but I love your work, and I really wish I could see you this spring in the States! Love you all, best of luck!

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16 Responses to I Come With Knives Mood Board.

  1. Jen Says:

    A very grungy, supernatural, deadly, native feel. I like it.

  2. Cody Seaton Says:

    NIce love the mood board

  3. Roland Mode Says:

    they remind me to the vision of Volatile Times

  4. fk Says:

    every one burns mind cells searching tumblr

  5. Allen Says:

    Reminds me more of Volatile Times MV. The I Come With Knives didnt really strike me as native at all.

  6. Rayne Says:

    ah lovely mood boards have you ever considered designing clothing?
    cant wait for tonight

  7. BlSister Says:

    very wide. you know that you have great eyes for these kind of art.
    b/w is still dominating.
    love xx

  8. Svetlana Says:

    Hi, dear Chris!
    Thank you for the You can be happy! thats one of the best video Ive ever seen really. Please do not change! I mean everything.. I dont know how it was possible to combine all I love in this video Impressive! Amazing! Stunning! your style of creativity, life, manner of speaking and behavior a pure beauty, stay like that forever! will not let the popularity or any surplus to harm you, please!
    Once again thank you very much for the DVD.
    With best regards,

  9. MK Says:

    A very nice inspirations The video is wonderful. Especially the contrast of the desert and the black outfit etc reminds me of a mixture of a lonesome cowboy and a crow I dont know its a crazy thought of mine and thanks for the great show in Berlin

  10. The Sound of Fashion: IAMX Animal Impulses 2013 | Says:

    […] *To see more photos from Chris Corners moodboard, head to iamx.eu/blog […]

  11. Kerry Says:

    Hi, Dear Chrismy Birthday shall be on July 16th, so I hope you might think of me. Ill never forget that night when you threw the concert in SFIm sure it was just one of many, but I want to thank you again for an unforgettable night.

    A bit of a dedication to youI hope youll like it.

    Loving Someone from Afar
    Is like falling in Love with a Star
    Cold to the Touch, Yet Warm Underneath
    But the Passion runs smooth and quite Warmly

    If I could be anything to you, Even a Muse
    Someone quite sweet to the Touch to Amuse
    Even if only through my Words I hope you feel
    The amount of Love my heart has is still Real

    Stay as amazing as youll ever be
    Some things are worth Eternity
    Through the storms of sand and Rain
    Washing away my scarring Pain

    With Pleasures I had never Known
    Through Tunes and voices you have Sewn

    To my Dearest, No one is Like You
    Hearts may Crumble, but mine wont Its True

    So With my kindest Apologies
    Dont stop singing, Love, please dont Stop

    Why Keep my mind Hypnotized? I wont Ever
    Make you an unloved Endeavor
    From morning Till Night, I promise you

    Ill never stop thinking of you, my dear
    So never Take me away from Here

    ..Thank you for reading, Dear Chris. Im honored to know you, even if only as a fan. Sending love and hugs alwaysKerry.

  12. Grace~ Says:

    Id just like to say that I love your work, the visual aspects are so visually stimulating; along with the eccentric nature of your voice. It is truly beautiful and inspiring.
    I love your work, so much.
    In my humble opinion, you are greatly under-rated.
    But in my not so humble opinion, I am glad. It means nobody will start over-publicizing your work and I can keep you all to myself!
    Much love,

  13. Tania Says:

    My dearest, loveliest and nearest Christopher,

    I kept silence for so long. Twitter doesn’t count. Now I feel like it’s my duty to write to you. Actually, I missed this feeling. That’s why I will write a lot.
    You know that people are egoistic creatures. I know that too and sometimes when I write to you I think that some words or even sentences are of that kind. For example, asking you to come back to Ukraine or to release so-desired Noise Cabinet Remixes. I agree that the second one is of egoistic nature. I mean, I would love to listen to those magic remixes, but what do you get of that? But begging you to think of Ukraine and come back is not completely egoistic plea. I (and I’m sure we all (Ukrainian X lovers)) want to bring you joy and warmth, desire and passion, psychosis and sex, share our happiness and pure bliss with you, fill your soul with our deep love and devotion, rather than just enjoy your spectacular performance, to be the witness of your magnetic theatre play and be the part of it (no doubt it is important as well since you get as much emotions as we do). Hereby I’m not asking you to come. I’m asking you to change your lifestyle but in no case yourself.
    Parts, pieces, components… of the show, of me, of you… You are an integral part of me, and I guess, I am a part of you. And no matter what you will always be this very special piece of me, unique and indispensable component of my soul and my heart, even though you don’t even know me. However you’re a great philosopher, so you know each of us like you know yourself. In fact, you can get to know me through my messages. Psycholinguistics is a powerful study. Anyway, there’s always a mysterious part in us all we can’t figure out about ourselves. As you can see and as you know there are constantly two opposite meanings, two visions, two thoughts in one.
    I started with egoism and look where are we now I realize that words itself cannot do the magic, but strong belief and burning desire to believe do. I want you to believe in goodness and finally to turn the radio in your head off. Easier said than done. Think positively… take a good sleep… blah blah blah. What a nonsense! What a shame to give such pieces of advice. But I won’t stop. In my book you should change your lifestyle a bit. Maybe to travel for fun, even alone. Better with friends. Cancel concerts for some time and move from your beloved Berlin to let’s say L’viv. Also for some time. In short, change environment and atmosphere. You have all rights to say: “Who the fuck are you to tell me what to do!” But I’m sure you won’t do that. We are family. I am your child and I care about my father.
    I believe and I know that doctors will help you. I feel that they have helped you already. Now I feel like I’m your mother cause I want to tell you off and say: “You should have consulted doctor earlier!” I guess I’ve always had and I have this feeling. Want to be around you and take care of you, cook something yummy and tell you fairy tales, read you poems and sing lullabies so you could drift off to the magic land of dreams. I wish you could sleep tight right now and don’t read this message. Of course, I want you to read this but not now.
    So I want to finish this letter with what I started. Telling you to eat well and make an attempt to sleep is not egoistic requests. There’s no concealed meaning like I want you to be healthy so you could come and sing for me. No. I don’t need new songs, new videos, concerts… I need you. Healthy and strong. Strong physically and emotionally. I know that your work is your love, but please know your limits.
    Take care of yourself. Respect yourself.
    I wish you a speedy recovery.
    Be strong and conscious.
    I love you.

  14. Angelique Says:

    Just sitting on my couch here in Chicago thinking about you, and hoping you are well. It is so very quiet in spaces where there was once so much chatter. Ive met you, but do not know you, and will be forever grateful for the peace your music has given me. On a personal level, I wish you the same peace and hope you are finding comfort. Be well and thank you again. I could never fully communicate what a better place my life is because you opened your mouth to sing. <3

  15. darryl Says:

    Hi Chris,

    Sorry to hear youre unwell. Been listening to your sounds since first Sneaker Pimps album. You have made an impact on my life for sure. Give your head a rest mate, youve earned it. If your mind is racing, try some weed, it has helped me on many a sleepless night.
    Rest and take your time before getting back on the saddle.

    Hope you recover soon. Peace be with you brother

  16. xplainxjanex Says:

    to accept the things I cannot change;
    courage to change the things I can;
    and wisdom to know the difference.
    Living one day at a time;
    Enjoying one moment at a time;
    Accepting hardships as the pathway to peace;
    Taking, as He did, this sinful world
    as it is, not as I would have it;
    Trusting that He will make all things right
    if I surrender to His Will;
    That I may be reasonably happy in this life
    and supremely happy with Him
    Forever in the next.

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107 Responses to Come Home Video

  1. Louise Says:

    Chris, I cant find the words to explain how much Im happy to read that.
    Thank you for being who you are.

    We were and always be with you.

  2. Miss Noir Says:

    Dear Chris.

    you are so missed. loads of kisses and hugs to comfort you in the healing process.


    Vicky Noir

  3. Adrienne Says:


    You are a genius that sees the world in such a uniquely truthful and beautiful way. You have brought joy to so many and inspired me greatly. Im glad you are beginning to recover and move forward. I saw you perform in Chicago last fall, and you were honestly one of the best musicians I have ever seen. You deserve some relaxation, so take it slow and feel better. I will buy a bottle of IAMX wine and drink a glass with my friends in your honor! Cheers!


  4. Alma Tou Says:

    Dear Christopher,
    I really wish you to get well soon,
    and I wish you wouldve known me,
    but all I can say is that i wish to know you now,
    .. And I wont breathe so you can recover

  5. Chris Calvert Says:

    Thank you for the update.as you have been in the thoughts of us all. We were with you then, We are with you now, We will be with you when.. WE R X.

  6. Stacy Says:

    Dear Chris!
    I cant believe that at last we can hear from you! Im so glad, so exited! Looking forward to October 25!
    Love you!

  7. Barbara Says:


    I have no words to express how grateful I am with God/Universe for your recovery. As the genius you are, you tend to live life so passionately and I admire you because of that. You are SO MISSED and here we are and will be, waiting for you to feel better and come back to us, at your convenience. Love you deeply.



  8. HollyTC Says:

    oooh Chris im so happy to read this i love your work so much, your music is wonderful, beautiful, etc etc.
    and sorry for my poor english, i cant wait for Come Home.

    Kisses from Chile.

  9. Delilah Says:

    We love you.

  10. Sara Says:

    Dearest boy, thank you. I love you(r work, which is you, so you). So glad youre feeling a bit better! Though Im not sure why anyone would yearn for L.A.


  11. Danny and Marion Kabus Says:

    Thank you for writing this words Chris.
    Walk your way and you will be healthy again We love you, because of you!
    I know you understand german ;-)
    Wir wünschen Dir von Herzen alles Gute für Deinen Weg!
    Du bist einzigartig und etwas besonderes!
    Wir freuen uns, dass es Dir besser geht.
    Take your time in silence Love you
    Danny and Marion

  12. Lilith Says:

    Im so, SO happy to read about you

    And to read that a new video will come on my birthday? It will be one of my favorite gifts of the day, without any doubt ♥

    Wish you all the best, and cant wait to hear again from you.

    Love from Paris
    Your Frenchies miss You.

    xxx Lilith

  13. Elia R. Says:

    Dearest Chris, its wonderful to read words coming directly from you, hopefully youll be getting stronger and healthier each day.
    You bring a bit of light each day with your creativity. But you need to take no haste in being back on stage until you need to, were a crazy yet loyal bunch, as long as it is necessary, we shall wait.

    Thinking of you in the best way,

  14. Valentine Says:

    Dear Strange and Important to beauties person,

    Thank you for every single word, every single sound, every single breathe that youve made. Stay in line and dont give up whatever happen. Even if the drugs will gone
    Youre not an ocean so dont give too much if you cant take the same.
    With love,



  15. Adriana Says:

    It is so amazing to read from you. Everything happens for a reason and you needed this time for yourself badly. Take all the time you need, we aren´t going anywhere. Much love from Mexico.

  16. Asaf Says:

    Feel better! you are the best artist there is

  17. Jeanne Dark Says:

    Dear Chris,
    Thank you for these beautiful words of lucidity and apeasment. Yesterday should have been your concert in Dresden and I felt so miserable, but still I went to the place of the concert, where I might do my application at the beginning of 2014. I just met a guy, and talked, took photos of the park, admired the writings of young people on the walls. I hope that very soon, everything will be fine again for you. I know how it feels, believe me, and Ive been through this, and I will certainly be through this more than once in my life, but on the other handtheres too much offered to us, this ability to catch dreams, moments, emotions, landscapes, human soulsI guess there is a price to pay for this sensibility. Youre my guiding star you perfect human being, so I wish you the best, when you cant shine for all of us, its the moment you see us standing beside you, holding your hand in the dark. I give you so much love Chris and I wish I could take a little bit of your pain, so that you could breathe better. Your current words give me so much hope for your recovery! Stay strong, stay alive, stay X !


  18. Marie Says:

    You put your everything in your art and you give it to us. Thank you. I am so happy to see your response and hope your beautiful mind had a moment of rest. Nothing is more important than your health.

  19. Ricardo Says:

    Glad to have you back {X}

  20. Carla Ellis Says:

    I really hope you get well soon. You deserve to be well.

    Take your time, I hope the sand didnt get into too many crevices.

    Much love


  21. Delphine Ouin Says:


  22. Lou Says:

    Dear Chris,

    Actually I was thinking about you yesterday whilst listening to one of your songs. I was worried about your health and this update is the thing I needed :D ! Just get some rest and everything will be alright. You have got a lot of people who support you! :)

    Lots of hugs and kisses.

  23. Sioux Says:

    I read your words while on a train from Vienna to Germanyyou cant know how happy this makes me. I think of you every day, wishing you well. Come Home will be a fitting video to be released now, as we wait for you to come home to all of us. We will be here. Always. We are X. Much love from Sioux & Brendan

  24. aggeliki saragas Says:

    Chris, hope you have a speedy recovery.so glad to have you back.. :) the world needs sensitive souls like you..look after yourselfxxx

  25. Elizabeth Says:

    So glad to hear you are on the mend!!!! <3

  26. Zane Says:

    Glad to hear that, Chris. Were all so proud of you, really. Your music has helped me through some rough patches, and just you being you has really given me hope for the future. We all love you Chris, and I wish you a speedy recovery <3

  27. fabiola Says:

    Feeling you
    Missing you
    Hearing you
    Missing you
    Watching you
    Loving you
    Missing you
    Embracing you
    Missing you
    Returning to you all the time.
    Glad to see you back on the inner side of the horizonstay.
    Sleep well sweet prince

  28. Alma Tou Says:

    Dear Christopher,
    I really wish you to get well soon,
    and I wish you would’ve known me,
    but all I can say is that i wish to know you now,
    ….. And I won’t breathe so you can recover…

  29. Wendy Says:

    Chris, SO wonderful to have words from you again! And news of a new video on the way! But best of all, you are on the mend! Please continue to do whatever it is that brings you the most peace and serenity. Big hugs!!

    Wendy XOXOXO

  30. guiding light Says:

    Dear Chris, it is such happines to read these words. We all are so missing you. Hope, х-magic will return soon, cant live without it.

  31. levinjahX Says:

    Dear Chris,
    So good to read from you! Sending you tons of love. Please take all the time that you need to rest and nurture yourself and to let your parts and pieces finally come home in love.
    Thank you so very much for being you and making beautiful soulful music.
    It has helped me heal many wounded parts of myself!
    Keep breathing, lovingly with ease and grace, and dont believe your mind, no matter what! ;)
    youre not alone <3

  32. xavier Says:

    just take care of you. it is the more important thing in life.

  33. Leigh Webster Says:

    As a musician myself whos suffered with severe and aggressive Crohns Disease from the age of 12 I can understand how illness can weigh like a stone around your neck. Ive always looked up to you as an artist (right back from the Sneaker Pimps days) and when I heard you were unwell it resonated with me. I know how quickly illness can consume your world, bring on the Black Dog (as Spike would say) while at the same time, perversely, being a well to draw on creatively. My thoughts are with you man.

  34. Patt Says:

    Love you ,always .

  35. Emmanuel Says:

    Dear Chris,

    As a genius i hope youll be well for ever because your art will survive overall.
    i really hope to see you soon on stage (again)

  36. Anhellion Says:

    Chris! So much love and hugs coming your way. It is so good to know you are healing, mind and body. I cant wait to see the video on YouTube. xoxo

  37. Alice Says:

    Thank you for your as always touching and well cosen words.
    Get well soon, well be here waiting.

    sending strength, power and love.

  38. Polina Says:

    Mr.Corner, nice to hear this simple, but honest and overt words!

  39. SvL Says:

    In he Golden lightning
    of the sunken sun
    Oer which clouds are brightning
    Thou dost float and run
    like an Unbodied joy
    Whose race has just begun

  40. Denise Says:

    Happy happy!

  41. Naia Says:

    So glad to see youre back with us!
    Lots of love and hugs coming your way xxx

  42. Sophie Says:

    Dear Chris,

    Every day I think about you. Tonight I went to an exhibition of an artist for whom I had a real heartbeat. I have an appointment with him, because I will make a special order for you.

    He will listen to your music, see your videos, read your writings.

    And then, inspired by you, he will paint and write you mystical words. He created a magic writing.

    I hope to send you this special gift for Christmas.

    Take care dear Chris, we love you so strongly.


  43. Iwona Says:

    Dear Chris,

    Iam very glad to hear that you feel better. Dont hurry, concerts can wait, your health is much more important. I hope noone puts pressure on you.
    For me your every song is a masterpiece. In your music I find myself. I admire how accurate you can describe feelings with words. It is nice that there are people who perceive the world in the same way as I do.
    Iam curious of your new-old clip even more so becaouse come home describes what happend latly in my life.

    Best wishes from Warsaw

  44. Shae Says:

    So wonderful to hear from you again! take care {X} and love from the IAMX family here <3

  45. Elizabeth Says:

    Oh dearest Chris,

    The beauty of your words I feel is what I have missed the most. So happy to have you back with us! Much love xxx

  46. Pauline Says:

    Dear Chris,
    I am so very happy to know that You are better now Stay strong and dont worry we will always be here for You!!!
    P.S. Poland loves You and cant wait to see You!!
    with love. :*

  47. Julie Says:

    Dearest Chris, so happy youre on your way back to us. It happened for a reason, one day you might know why, but even if not the most important thing is love, we all love you and find you so inspiring. Keep safe, take your time and heal. We are sending you much love and hope xx

  48. Cody D seaton Says:

    I know we are glad to hear from you Chris. Stay strong my brother and know that the {X} family is here for you. I will always support you and the people in your band. Rest up our king, we will wait for your return.

  49. Damien Says:

    Two years and half since I last saw you on stage, for the sixteenth time. Cant wait for the seventeenth ! Be safe until then !

  50. Yeter Says:

    Dear Chris,
    I hope that you get well soon.
    I hope that I will love the video of Come Home like I love all the other videos of you.
    But what I hope the most is that you understand what I mean when I tell you that even though I never met you, laughed with you, cried with you or kiss you, I love you. With all my heart. I love you, Chris.


  51. Kinga Says:


    I needed a few hours since I`ve read that to make myself writing something here. I just have no words. No words of relief and happiness that you are back with us. For the last 3 months I`ve been waiting for this. Only for this. I missed you. You have no idea how much. So now I just want to say THANK YOU.
    Keep yourself strong! We are still here with you.

    Much much love!

  52. Ilona Hunt Says:

    Things always tends to sort out one way or another. Even though it doesnt always look that way. I hope youre feeling better xx

  53. Neeka Says:

    Love you. Support you. Thanks for the updatewas just praying for your health today as I was listening to A Unified Field. :)

  54. Kat Says:

    Please get better soon, Christopher! We all love you. You are such an inspiration, and you make the world a much better place.

  55. Yana Abakina Says:

    All our thoughts are and have been with you. We are dearly wishing for your return to health, possibly and hopefully even better than before. You have been missed. Take care of yourself, that is the most important thing. Well be waiting <3

  56. A I Says:

    whatever the health concerns may be, i hope they pass over soon.

    be well~

    looking forward to the video. :3

  57. Alfonso Says:

    Dear Chris:
    I needed that words from you. I needed to read/hear/watch something about you in this months. I cant stop thinking about your health condition, about your mind, about your music.
    Im happy to finally know something about you, im happy youre fine and im happy because the time will give the wisdom to you and my IAMX partners. I will always support your music, your project, your desires.
    Im still waiting in Mexico to see you, to get enough money and go to one of your concerts. I will do. I promisse.
    Much eternal {X} love, from México, from your fans, from me always.


  58. Hale Says:

    Dear Chris,

    Turkish fans didnt forget you. we miss you and love you a lot. enjoy the sea and rest a lot :)
    we want to see you in Ankara & istanbul again soon!

    as you see the picture of yourself, my indie rock page is dedicated to you!

    love from Turkey!

  59. Thana Tarab Says:

    Something told me to check on you today. Very happy to read this. Keep up the healing productivity Madman <3

  60. Eve Says:

    Look at all created by you and you will see the beautiful world.This world is filled with beauty and love, and all who were in it and got some of it will fill you again.Beauty of nature and the power of love with you.Thank you that you found the strength to write this letter.When you describe yourself at the sea, I imagine the Wanderer above the Sea of Fog.Welcome to your world,wonderful Christopher.This is your kingdom.Hold back the melancholy.Better times is coming.
    «Come home» video is the best to begin.It’s one of my favourite and sensitive beautiful song.Thank you for this gift.
    The sun will rise tomorrow
    And will no longer sorrow
    See you,dear.

  61. Une fille Says:

    for the moment (when the changes are hard or exciting in my Life)
    I dont Know what is the reason / moment or fact who start it but
    I dont Sleep much too and for made my Time cool
    During the night
    I explore your world in the web
    I have lot of fun , really , lot of woaaa too , lot of trippy moments
    Plus, around your good state ,..
    I Try to keep a distance with a private part of artists ( ok its hard)
    I Try !
    And sometimes i m in doubt

    Its a little bit Weird, strange and sooo normal in same Time ..
    Its YOUR affair ..
    I hope you are happy and have a lot of fun in UK
    You are sooo awesome !
    Take care

  62. Zero Says:

    I nearly screamed in my office when I saw this message. Then I sallowed it together with my joyful tears. You have no idea how it means to us to hear from you again after the silence and yes we ARE with you every second. Lots of love. XXX

  63. Shay Says:

    So happy to hear from you! Youre words are so pretty and lovely, its like Im reading a poem as apposed to an update. I hope to meet you here someday.
    Love from America, we are one in the Unified Field xoxo

  64. alice Says:

    oh chris, it is so lovely to hear from you again. i hope you can maintain that centered state of mind. ive yet to meet you, but it will be an honour if i ever get to. i wish for that some day, and i hope you fully recover to your highest strength!

  65. Michele From L.A. With Love Says:


    What ever health issues you are facing, I wish you a speedy recovery. I was at the L.A Show in May and it was AMAZING!!! Love your music and your artistry. You are one of the most Talented ARTISTS out there You have so much Passion and Creativity You are ELECTRIC Sending you lots of Sunshine and Loving Energy

    Love From L.A xoxoxox.


  66. J. Casey Says:


    Wishing you all the best. Finally got see you perform live this past April in New York City at Irving Plaza. It was a great night that I will always remember. Thanks for sharing your music with me. It has meant so much these last couple of years during some tough times. Looking forward to seeing you again when come back to New York. Sending prayers to you. Get well and best wishes to you in your recovery.

    Love from Long Island, New York


  67. tatiana montoya Says:

    estoy feliz de saber que estas bien. descansa mucho cuando regreses ya disfrutaremos de ti con amor y admiracion los mejores deseos para ti.

  68. Karolina Says:

    Dear Chris,

    Im so glad to read your words. I hope everything will now go in the right direction. You have given me so much inspiration and brought so much beauty to my world, and I know you will continue doing this. You are like a member of my family, my soulmate and my friend all at once. I cant wait to see you again on stage.

    Stay strong, we are all with you.

  69. Alisa Says:

    Dear Chris,

    You cant even imagine how happy I am to hear from you after these long months of silence. It seems everyday I miss you more and more, but still my longing to hear and see you again is limitless.

    I hope you feel good. Please dont hurry and take your time. We are happy when youre healthy and strong.

    Lots of love from Moscow,
    Alisa {X}

  70. Daduš Says:

    Supr trupr news from you, Chris.. I´m looking forward to seeing your face, hearing your voice and meeting with you, maybe next time, ha, ha :D We´re on the bank with you.. Take care, baby.. I have a Christmas today :D tadaaaaaaaaaaaa :*

  71. Bria Says:


    I saw you in San Francisco in May, it was the day after my birthday. Your performance was like none other, so full of a macabre sort of energy, beguiling to behold. The passion could be felt in every note it dripped from every drum beat it exuded from every lyric sustained by your ensorcelling voice. You made it look so effortless, so devilishly angelic.

    But passion of that depth is never effortless. We can feel how much of yourself you put into every performance, every song, every video, every blog post. We appreciate it beyond words, we love you for it. The ardency of your art is what makes amazing. Your devotion is what makes you amazing.

    I wont say Come back to us, because its as youve said. Weve been with you all along, and youve been with us. In our thoughts and in our stereos, on our monitors, in our headphones.

    But I will say rest, recover, be well. I will do the only thing I can and send as much positive thought and energy to you, hope that it reaches you, hope that you can feel the collective love of your countless devotees, and that it helps you to heal.

    Your unrivaled presence on stage is something I hope to have the pleasure of experiencing again and again.

    Until then,


  72. Magda from Poland Says:

    Some kind of peace can be sensed in your words. Its good. It makes me smile.
    Take care, dear Chris. We all really love you.

  73. Monika Says:

    GET WELL! <3

  74. kerry Says:

    .. such nice words Soo nice to hear them from you. Thank you..

    I DO do love the last sentence of it..
    ..the sentence with the magic word positivity ;)

    Sending lots of love an hugs your way.. Everything gonna be okay soon.

    Ps:.. You dont have to explain I guess, most of us do understand .. without words..

    Looking forward to the 25 of october now..
    Have a wonderful day

  75. Jo from Germany Says:

    Hello Chris,
    its wonderful to hear that you doing better.
    I think all of us fans were worried about you and how you were doing. Im so happy right now. Though I dont think you have to explain anything.
    Maybe Im guessing wrong, but I think I understand what youre going through right now. Not exactly what happened but maybe how you feel.

    Im very proud of you. Its hard to see the world positive after you notice how disgusting humans and society can be. Ill never forget the things you did for me.
    Thank you for being there and alive and making me feel like someone understands. When I listen to your music I feel dont feel alone and I have the feeling that Ill meet someone in the future who will make me forget how broken the world is. How destroyed.
    But its worth waiting for something like love.
    Have faith, Chris. In yourself and in what youre doing.
    If it wasnt for you I probably would lost hope a long time ago. Thank god for that wonderful Avengers fan video, which made me stumble upon you and your art.

    I love love what you do and I could listen to your music forever without getting bored of it.
    Its are so unique and wonderful.
    Everything you say is so true.
    At the beginning I never noticed how much of these texts were true and I could relate to them.

    The lyrics are just beautiful. YOU are beautiful. As a person.
    You are my hero and you are so brave. How you show so much of yourself. How much of yourself can be found in your art.
    So strong and I wish I could be as strong as you.
    But right now it gives me a lot strength to hear that youre trying. I will try too.
    Thank you and keep your head up high. There are always beautiful things in this world too. Just remember that there are people who feel the same way and who feel lonely because they are misunderstood.
    Please never give up.


  76. Terri Izzi Says:

    Chris Corner, so good to hear from you! You are missed and loved. Your music feeds my Soul EVERY DAY!
    We look forward to your good health and future beautiful, soulful music.

  77. Rowan Says:

    Just continue to take care of yourself. As you can see there are many people who love having you here in this life time.

    We are the beaten and broken children of the world. You are a guide and you represent hope to so many.

    Please keep us posted if it doesnt trouble you. :)

  78. La Petite Coccinelle Says:

    Thank you, thank you so much
    We all were so worried about you!
    Take care of yourself.

    With love from France

    La Petite Coccinelle

  79. Eleonora Z Says:

    Get better, you gorgeous piece of fuck.

    I just want to smother you in glitter and black paint.

    Come home, indeed.


  80. Angelique Rickhoff Says:

    Continued well wishes from Chicago. Be whatever you need to be to be well, inside and out.


  81. amusie Says:

    Dear Chris,
    I feel so deeply your pain because Im suffering too your voice, your words, your shiny and dark poetry heal my tortured heart and body. Hope our love helps a little to make you feel better.
    breathe in breathe out
    nothings more painful than life but nothings better feeling alive.
    Love, bliss and hope.
    Ill wait for you a hundred years if its needed for a brand new smile on your chiaroscuro face.
    Hope Ill see you again soon in France,


  82. DoraJuhasz Says:

    Dear Chris,
    your words are healing us everyday. Its perfect time for paying it back.
    So many unspokeable moments happened in this kingdom, i think. Some of them finally start to think, how to be more kind to you. Maybe, our love became deeper because of this tragedy. For me, the thought that somewhere you suffer in that hell of disease made this cleaner. You, in every side of unperfection and humanity, kindness, prisoned heart and release, are one of those people deserves to be in our soul forever. To give your personality eternity, the only thing what an artist needs.
    Your unbelieveble sacrefices cause endless respect in my mind
    Thats all I can give. xxxx
    ps: Come Home is a good news. I missed that beauty since the first screenshots, I am in love with it.

  83. Andrina Says:

    Such a great weight lifting relief to hear from you Chris. I can breathe a little easier now. So, even in recovery you cant abstain from working and creating? Youre suppose to take it easy. Nonetheless Im very excited to see the Come Home video in all the mad beauty Im sure your mind has conjured up. I appreciate and hunger for every effort from you. Come home to Los Angeles. We are eager to receive to you.

    All the love in the world,

  84. Mei Says:

    A beautiful soul you are, Chris. Thank you so very much. I wish you strength. Your voice and music are always helping me through my toughest days, I hope our words do help you too. We all are both your fans and your friends, you know that. And there aint enough words in the world to express all the appreciation to you. We love you.
    Your crazy Russian boys and girls live with their fingers crossed.

  85. Mandy Says:

    Dear Chris,

    we all are so glad to read this words. Your Songs give us so much in every way of our lifes. Now we want to give you something back. All I can send you is power, energy, strength and all the love we have. We know that you get well soon. So take a deep breath and then we will welcome you when you back in your beautiful hometown Berlin!

    The city and I missing you!

    Kisses Mandy

  86. Marg Says:

    Dear Chris,
    It was great reading your encouraging words, and happy you are feeling well enough to express them. Being that I was born and grew-up in Los Angeles, I am honored that you have made a special tribute to my home town. I am looking forward to seeing your new video Come Home. Being that you created it, I already know it is amazing.
    Love you and happy you are back.

  87. Gareth Says:

    A chair awaits you at the table beneath the lofty bough of the avocado tree. Where a gentle and long lunch will nurture you as the sunlight shimmers through the leaves and the LA sun warms your healing bones.

  88. Pequegnat Says:

    miss you.

  89. Nano Says:

    At last, we have you among us again, bringing great relief. If ever you feel fragile or uncertain, reach for us. This love is eternal.

  90. Lunatic Angel Says:

    Thinking about you Chris. All the time! I miss you so muchcant wait for Come Home.
    It seem to be really symbolic. Love you! Your X angel.

  91. yaas Says:

    I dont know what to say to describe my feeling. Im just really exited and happy to see a word from you.
    love u.

  92. Nastya Says:

    Так много хочется написать и сказать,но, думаю, самым лучшим будет сказать, что мы тебя очень любим, Крис!

  93. Richard Says:

    Hi Chris,
    Although I am not the kind of person to idolise people I have always found myself feeling connected to you by the music and lyrics you produce.
    Ever since I saw you in the Heineken hall as support act for Placebo with the Sneaker Pimps I was convinced you are someone really special.
    I have been buying your music ever since and I was never sorry I did.
    Being an atheist as well I know there is no solution or redemption for being alive, it is just being in the dark looking for the light when you are depressed or being in the light haunted by the dark when you are even remotely happy.
    There is no excuse for this life and this world when you cant believe in any way in anything that is supposed to be a higher power.
    What I do believe in is the power of your music and the nessecity of your being, you are one of the few things that make life worth while.
    So please get better, forget your demons and bring us the comfort we so desperately need.
    With Love and best regards,

  94. Savanna Says:

    I dont know what really to say other than Im really happy that youve recovered. I started CRYING when i found out you were sick. I really dont know what I would do if i didnt have your music. I love you. Youre perfect in every way there is. Thank you.
    Lots of love,
    Savanna xoxo

  95. Driz Says:

    Chris, I have been through what youre going through. That is what I was going through last year when I wrote to yoU and Dean. (No sleep for 3-4 months; that is, no R.E.M. sleep etc., which lead to, well, you know)

    I think of you often, my friend.

    Heal w/the Faeries. :*

    Love you, always


  96. Doug Says:

    Hey Chris,
    Good to hear things are going well. Take time for yourself and make sure you stay healthy. Well always be here with love and support whether you are crunched in a project or taking a break.

    Again. Thanks for coming to the USA. Looking forward to the 25th :)

  97. Sarah Says:

    Thank you for the update. For a couple years now I have been a quite observer of your work, and I always find myself relating to you when you bare your soul and expose your feelings. I know they are especially frustrating when it comes to health issues. So please keep sharing. It makes a lot of people feel that they are not alone. Also it hopefully is a comfort to you as well, many of your fans are sensitive and kind folks who have experienced the ups and downs of living, we are here through it all. You are a beautiful human, and we will all be here for you in one way or another.

  98. Dawn Says:

    Im so glad to hear that you are doing better. You are an amazing artist and Im sure that takes a lot out of you at times, but youre also strong, and you have all of us here for you whenever you need encouragement.
    I cant tell you how excited I am for the Come Home video. It is a song I feel that I can relate to, and is by far my favorite from The Unified Field. I was beginning to worry that the video would never be finished, but as you said, it seems more relevant now, so Im also glad you waited until the right moment.
    And thank you for coming to the US earlier this year. I was lucky enough to see you in Atlanta, GA and you were magnificent.

    Love Always,

  99. DaniHanami Says:

    Dazzling.. but the light was far away. Yet..that light seems real again
    Upon your return, Berlinthe water..nature with its trees..the most penetrating preaches will expect you.
    I reverve them when I see them living in their tribes and familys, in forests and groves. And even more when I reverve them when I stand alone. Not like lonely persons. Not like hermits who have stolen away out of some weakness..but like great, solitary men, like Beethoven or Nietzsche. In their highest boughs the world rustles, their roots rest in infinity, but they do not lose themselves there, they struggle with all the force of their lives for one thing only: to fulfill themselves according to their laws, to built up their own form, to represent themselves. Nothing is holier, nothing is more exemplary than a beautiful, strong tree. Trees are sanctuaries.
    When they will speak to you, they will not preach learning and precepts, they will preach the ancient law of life. Their strengh is trust. They know nothing about the thousand children that every year spring out of em. They live the secret of their seed to the very end, caring for nothing else. Trust in YOUR world inside. Your labor is holy. Out of this trust live.
    You´ve been still. Looked for yourself. Life is not easy, life ist not difficult. These are childish thoughts.
    Don´t be anxious if your path leads away. But every step and every day will lead you back again to yourself. Home is neighter here not there. Home is within you, or home is nowhere at all.
    A longing to wander..a longing when I hear trees rustling in the wind at evening. A matter of escape from suffering? Though..a longing for homefor memories..for new metaphors for life.
    ..Every path leads homeward, every step is birth, every step is death..every grave is mother.
    So the trees rustles in the evening, when we stand uneasy before our own childish thoughts. Trees have long thoughts, long-breathing and restful, just as they have longer lives than ours. They are wiser than we are, as long as we do not listen to them.
    But when we have learned to listen to trees, then the brevity and the quickness and the childlike hastiness of our thoughts achieve an incomparable joy.
    Whoever has learned to listen to the trees no longer wants to be a tree. He wants to be nothing except what he is.
    That is home. That is happiness.

  100. A. A. Says:

    Glad to hear that youre doing better! Hope your recovery progresses well.

    Looking forward to the new video.

  101. Christina Says:


  102. Ahsoka23 Says:

    Hey Chris,

    I dont know if you will ever read this, but I complete understand what you are going through. I am going through the something quite similar. I have been suffering from insomnia because of anxiety. When you are a true artist you put your heart and soul into your work. And when your work gets too much or your passions dont pay the current bills, as mine dont, you get frustrated you get depressed. And you begin to lose hope. But life is a journey and I am happy that you have shared your struggle to people. I think we can all learn from your struggle.

    Thank you for this, I wish you luck on your recovery.

  103. MK Says:

    Hey Honey

    Im glad to read some words from you I wish you the best on the recovery


  104. Jane Sailor Says:

    Theres a tear, a breath and a smile in your words We are sitting together on this bank watch ibg the sea I love your words, your dôngs, your humanity Thanks for coming home with love Jane Sailor

  105. Andrea Klering Says:

    Dear Chris,

    Im glad to read that you are experiencing to be more an observer than a victim of your thoughts. Thats a really important step!
    You might consider that white dwarf a friend, helping you to grow. :-)
    And you dont have to worry about your silence. We know there are times in life making it just necessary to let go of many things and focus on just one (I experienced that myself only last year).

    Thank you for the beautiful description of the moment and the surroundings at your place. It inspires my imagination.

    And thank you for the beautiful music you make! It is a true treasure!

    Take your time. Speak or stay silent, whatever may comfort and support you.
    Positive energy to you with fairy duuuuuust!

  106. Otto Dix Says:

    Dear Chris.

    In an insomniatic brain fog state last night/early morning, I sent you this get well message to the email address listed on your website. After getting some sleep it has now occurred to me that it was kind of ridiculous of me to send a message to you by writing to an email address that isnt even yours Anyway, so here is my get well message to you below since it makes a lot more sense to post it here and you are probably more likely to read it now as a comment than as the email I sent to some random stranger hahaha. (Curse brain fog for not letting me think of posting here originally last night).

    I am a little late in hearing about your illness, but after reading about your canceled shows and a bit about whats going on with your health on your blog, I wanted to write to you even though I am not entirely sure what to say. I am all too familiar with sickness and what its like to have your life consumed by it, as I have been living with myalgic encephalomyelitis, fibromyalgia, epilepsy, immune deficiencies, insomnia, and too many other health problems to list here for thirteen years since the age of nine. Being sick can be overwhelming; just know that you dont have to be strong enough for everything that illness brings with it all at once. You just have to be strong enough for today. You probably know better than anyone else that its okay to not be okay, but in case you need to hear it from someone else: its okay to not be okay. Being sick is hard, and it sucks, and its okay to cry about it sometimes. Insomnia is a bitch, as are the horrible endless thoughts and racing heart beats it brings with it. My most recent brush with chronic insomnia was in May, when I didnt sleep for more than three hours total in eight days, followed by two months of sleeping two to three hours a night while trying various sleeping medications and antidepressants to no avail. I have been dealing with insomnia for a while now though, and there was a time that I spent years of my life sleeping for only a few hours every 48 to 72 hours without any other sleep in-between, because I was afraid to confront my health problems and get help. I think that what I am trying to say in my rambling is that you are not alone in what you are experiencing and feeling. There are people all around the world going through similar things. Also, that it takes a huge amount of courage to take time off from touring to focus on your health. I remember how difficult it was for me to seek medical help and take time off from school for my health, so kudos to you for acknowledging whats going on with your health and seeking help because in some ways thats the hardest part of all. Remember that self-care isnt selfish, but rather an important act of survival. Know that what you are going through is valid and real, and that it isnt all just in your head. Know that you are wonderful and loved, and that your music has helped many people, including myself, realize their own strength on their weakest days. There is a short essay that is often quoted among the chronic illness community called The Spoon Theory that describes a woman with lupus who explains to her friend what its like to live with a chronic illness by comparing the amount of energy she has in a day to a number of spoons. For example, she might start off her day with 10 spoons, but it takes three spoons for her to shower and get ready for the day, two spoons to drive to and from the store, and two more spoons to get groceries while at the store, leaving her with only two spoons left for the rest of the day. When I am talking to other people with chronic illnesses, we always tell each other that we are sending each other extra spoons. I know that insomnia isnt comparable to lupus, but even so I suspect that you could still use some extra spoons about now so Im sending a few your way, along with a bit of extra love, and virtual L.A. sunshine from a nearby beach. Wishing you the best of luck in finding the right doctors and treatment for you, and of course wishing you a successful recovery.

    Love and spoons,


    P.S.- Tips for insomnia: If you find that Benadryl helps you sleep then you should try the liquid or chewable childrens benadryl, because it works twice as fast. Also the pandora and spotify New Age and Relaxation stations can be super relaxing when trying to sleep. I just now posted an entry to my chronic illness blog too (link in the website box thing) about how to kick insomnia in the face with tips from my sleep specialist that Ive found helpful, so check it out if you want but it could be totally irrelevant to your life I dont know. Anyway, get well soon, yeah?

  107. Katie Bourn Says:

    Theres nothing quite like the British seaside to blow the cobwebs away so I hope the sea air is helping you get the rest you need and deserve. Congratulations on Come Home it sounds and looks so sensual.i could almost feel that soil running through my fingers! Take all the time you need to get well and know how much love, supoort and understanding there is for you, out here in the ether. Sendin you positive energy and much love, Katiex

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