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  1. Christopher O Says:

    Sounds delightful, Chris. I cant wait to hear the new song.
    Im sure that every IAMX fan would want you to find your muse again, and are more than willing to wait however long it takes for the next video journal.
    I must also take this opportunity to tell you how much I adore those video journals. Its a whole new way of being able to connect to you and your music. I absolutely love them so much.
    Much love.
    PS. If I was brave enough Id ask you if youre into football and if you have some football club that you support? (I support Tottenham Hotspur myself.) DS.

  2. veronica Says:

    lokk like a littel boy, chris awesome, lovely, funny, adorable :)

  3. bridget Says:

    Dear Chris. Please come to Australia. I love you.

  4. Nina Says:

    Schönchens :)
    herrlich süße Wortkreation, kommt sofort ins Wörterbuch. A new song!! Im sure you will want to play it live desperately and what place would be better than beautiful Vienna with all its ghosts.
    the video journal is something very exiting, I hope you have fun making it :)

  5. Travis Says:

    Hey Chris,
    Dont feel too guilty or pressured when things do not appear to fall into place exactly as expected. Sometimes something new or more meaningful can come of it. I see that dream as possibly being fairly positivedying panthers or elephants could be things in your sphere of interaction that seem threatening, menacing or too large to control. It seems like you wanna break through preconceived established structure of music and ways of writing perhaps from your past or what you think the fans expect. Its like you just sayin Fuck it..and the waves crash through the established, they crash and overpower those fears(elephants/panthers) and you end up with a new and exciting point in life or your career in music..and in your dream a wacky, fun Chris Corner type scenario (tightropes, an afro-Richard Dreyfus). Just my take. :)

  6. Cat Says:

    I cant wait for the new song! Please can you make a Rammstein-esque surreal video based on all those dream images? I had a dream about a tsunami last night and on the news they were showing pictures of the top of a McDonalds M stand poking through the water.Nothing as exciting as Richard Dreyfuss with a fro though.

  7. KendraS Says:

    Dreams are wonderful gifts from the muses writing it down was a great thing to do and revisiting later might shed some light. Hold onto it and see if it feeds you later, creatively! My creative muse has also been incredibly stifled lately but I blame it on the heat. My brain feels fried. Hope we both get some creative power back soon. Heres to magic dust, good songs (novels in my case) and inspiration!

  8. olya Says:

    The name of the new song is great. Cant wait to hear it, cant wait for the new video and cant wait for the new album.
    It is so sweet, that you explain reason why you are delaying video journal. We appreciate such nice attitude to the fans :) Thanks.
    IAMX, you are my inspiration to live.

  9. pixie lopez Says:

    The pictures came out great and I cannot wait to see the rest !! It seems like my home Los Angeles inspired you in so many ways for I am witnessing and seeing a side of IAMX or better yet Chris Corner I have never seen before. Our once shy and candid president is finally letting himself seen in a brighter light , and I gotta say its quite delightful. You have been my lifestyle and way of living since 2004 when those kiss and swallow lyrics spilled out of the speakers, thank you for you are pure are genius Chris. Watching you transform has been inspirational to say the least XxX Come back to L.A soon XxX

  10. Magda (Arinsar) from Poland Says:

    Take your time. The creative process sometimes requires things to be rescheduled and we cant argue with whta the Muse orders us to do, can we? :) And, as your dreams seems to show, being the constant rollercoaster of creation and destruction, anger and passion spiced up with a little bit of madness, the Muse is quite powerful now. I cant wait to hear ther results. Good luck!
    And a totally random thing as p.s. your freckles are simpy adorable. ;)

  11. Cloudy Says:

    Im sorry for beeing not able to write enough to say how much I am inspired by your art especially your music; because Im from Germany and its hard to express such feelings in the English language (I experienced all the attributes in German and Im sure there arent the right corresponding phrases in English or Im too silly to know them.)
    Never stop making such particular, individual, fantastic, eccentric, lunatic, aesthetic, wonderful, unsurpassable, romantic, etc etc etc music.

  12. Tania Says:

    Dear Chris,

    Thank you for appearing here. Without v-blog, but with dream-sharing, a name of the song and absolutely fantastic photos (especially the cover photo in Facebook). І am heartily glad that you are inspired to work. Concerning v-blog, Travis is right. Don’t feel too guilty or pressured. We’ll wait a bit. I hope we’ll be able to see #4 soon.
    And I have a request or sth of that kind. I’ve been thinking about telling you this for a long time. Bernadette in German sounds peculiarly magical! I can’t say what version of the song I like more, because I adore all of them. Post Romanian Storm in a special way. This version conveys breathtaking beauty of your music. So, here’s my request. Could you write at least one song in German this time? And of course, it will be great listening to Bernadette in German in Kyiv.
    By the way, it was so nice to hear in your 3rd journal that we are your children! We have the best daddy ever! Mwaaah

    Best wishes from Ukraine!
    Much love,

  13. Anja Crossgirl Says:

    How nice that youve been dreaming of me, Ill have a look if I can find me some sexy military clothes somewhere for the next concert . haha

    Bis bald!

    Viele Grüße

  14. Cody Seaton Says:

    Chris thank you for the update and it seems that you are already out of the rut you were in. I’m not saying your low is my joy but thank you for being honest and showing us the struggles that even you go through to make something creative. It will make the album and anything you produce that more intimate. Maybe the upcoming live shows or doing this other form of creative art will help. I would offer a place for inspiration to you to escape to but I do not live in LA. I live in the top of Texas, in the middle of America, and in an area called the bible belt. I am afraid it would probably depress you more than inspire you. Thank you for all you do Chris and Janine, Alberto, and Caroline. From the comments on this page and facebook you have a lot of people on your side.

  15. Elia Says:

    The ever growing anxiety of anticipation dear X, is just too much. Were taking our time coming home, but knowing youll be there theres no time to waste.

    Love, Elia.

  16. Sioux Krause Says:

    Dont stress dear Chris we hunger for X, but we love you, so we will be as patient as we need to be. Dont ever feel you need to force the creative process with you, I know it will always come. Your dream sounds beautiful and tragic and funny. The thought of floating, dying panthers and elephants, I have to tell you first is a highly upsetting image. Second, it is also fucking bizzarely connected to me because six days ago I purchased a set of two rings. One is the head of a panther. The other is the head of an elephant. I will post a photo of the rings on your Facebook page. Im a little freaked out by this. I am so excited that I will be on a plane to Europe in 17 days and will see you in Frankfurt three days later! If I should get the opportunity, I would like to give you my elephant head ring. xxx Sioux

  17. Kinga Says:

    Dear Chris,
    You didn`t make video journal #4, but don`t be stressed, we don`t require any time-table. I feel even honorable, it`s so kind of you when you regularly inform us about what happens in IAMX world and don`t want we to be hungry. But we are patient, and full of respect to your creations we will wait for something, I believe, brilliant under the name IAMX5.
    I have to admit that you wheted my appetite for the new album. Looking at these photos I see
    that new material will be wonderful. And additionally in some point new song „Come Home” can be important for me, beacuse 2 weeks ago I moved out of the place where I have been living for 11 years. It`s quite big change for me and I think I will always associate that song with that period of my life.
    I don`t know why, but I could look at these photo for hours. You look so… differently, mysteriously and young and it seems that you have freckles. Is that make-up or PhotoShop-makeover connected with lyrics of the song? I read series which you posted on facebook and I thought that. It made I am much more curious about „Come Home”, it seems it will be incerdible song. So I would really like to hear it.
    I have one question. I would like to know why did you decide to co-produce IAMX5? By now your every previous album you made alone, and you have always been saying that you don`t like when someone else tell you what you have to do, so what has changed?
    with love,
    Küsse, Kinga

  18. Carla Says:

    Creativity cant be forced.

    Take a step back, have a breather, go ice skating or something else thats just as ridiculous and give your brain a break.

    Inspiration comes from the strangest places so take a note pad.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  19. Joy Dale Says:

    These brought an instant tear to my eyes. Powerful Photos Chris. Thankyou for sharing them.

  20. Amel Says:

    Dear Chris,

    I had my biggest fear today :( I wanted to go on your website and read your blog, as always. So I went to iamx.com and saw a white page saying I am o longer in the business. I almost had a heart attack haha!!!! I forgot your website was iamx.EU haha I am so happy to see it was a mistake I did ! No problem if we dont have the biweekly video, as long as IAMX is still alive. If not, we IAMX lovers, are dead.

    I like the fact that you never write on facebook or Twitter but always in the blog, it is different, its better, its our place, or our rendez-vous. Have a relaxing weekend, take a break and see you in Paris next time.



  21. faye Says:

    beautiful pictures chris. x

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  23. Tania Says:

    Dear Schönchen,

    the purpose of this message is to invite you to my native town. Yeah… I know it sounds ridiculous. But! As much as you need inspiration, I thought that it would be truly inspiring for you to visit a place like this. The name of a new song made me think about home. Each and every of us has home. Permanent. Temporary. But home is also the place, where you are awaited. I wait you in Rivne (Ukraine). Come Home, dear Christopher! The fact that you’ve never been here is only an advantage! You might find the environment visually stimulating. I understand that this invitation sounds like a fucking bullshit, because you’ll never do this. But think about it! Just imagine! Just for a second! You know better than me that new places, new surroundings and new people can change your mood and state of mind… and a lot of things but not your true self. What will you lose? Time? Hmm. Time lost with pleasure, is not lost. But what will you gain? Let’s say memorable sensory and emotional experience and also rewarding I hope. So, c’mon, Chris, take a chance! I promise you unforgettable days, evenings and nights in beautiful Ukrainian towns and cities. A travel to the country that you’ve seen only three times in your life is not enough! The more so, the reason why you were here was the performance and I’m sure you haven’t seen the real beauty of Ukraine! Even I haven’t.


  24. sun_sunovna Says:

    what a crazy time!!!(( I wanted to say so many things, when was reading this post, but didn`t want to do it passingly. now it is the end of the week I`m powerless and emotionally sucked out((( but I still have a tiny energy to say shortly: Christopher, dear, you looks so very young on these photos! amazing! really like a boy!!

    it`s realy very-very interesting what come home will be about this theme is so actual to me now

    and I agree with Carla Creativity can’t be forced so, maybe, you just need a pause or something?

    warmest hugs,

  25. Sioux See Says:

    bist selbst ein schönchen. ein gewaltiges schönchen.

  26. Natalie Says:

    Dear Chris,
    Hmm.. I hope it wouldnt be too weird.. Id like to ask you what kind of fragrance do you use? My brain recognizes people by perfumes and I would really like to place you in my brains cell which is responsible for that kind of scent.
    See you soon in Frankfurt or Ronquières (I havent decided yet).

  27. D’Reality Says:

    Natural mask? Artificial nudity? I ll discover on stage See you on 29 boy

  28. Liliya Says:

    Christopher, your music helped me through many difficulties in life. Your songs help me make important decisions, they are forced to forget about problems and failures. I want to say Thank you, dear Chris! I bow to you and your creativity. Liliya. Russia.





53 Responses to Video Journal #4 Berlin Studio And Special Guests

  1. Valeriya Says:

    omg its amazing guys. black and white mmm. I like it))))

  2. Julia Says:

    Weird but beautiful. Like a surreal dream. I love that atmosphere. New sounds are amazing.
    Thank you for the possibility to see an inside of the IAMX creativity world. Im fascinated. As always, though
    Looking forward to seeing and hearing the next tease.

  3. Amélie Says:

    Hâte. Très hâte. Un retour au romantisme?

  4. faye Says:

    beautifully wonderfully fabulousness! And I totally love those trousers xxx love you chris

  5. Olya Says:

    Oh, our magic Chris, I so missed you. Snippets of tracks sound really amazing, Im sure this album will be great.
    So, dont forget about your beutiful people for too long. Waiting patiently for a new video.

  6. TY Says:

    not bad at all :D
    moaning in the middle of the video touched my heart and soul and Janine`s beating.
    now I`m really looking forward to new material and,of course,your forcecoming Kyiv concert
    with loads of love and best wishes-
    ur kid

  7. Coco Says:

    Hello Chris,

    when do you guess IAMX5 will be out? Im having a hard time waiting you know

    Love, Coco

  8. Dillon Says:

    It all sounds wonderful! even if its just demos. Cant wait!
    Hope I can see you in Sydney some day <3

  9. M Says:

    Im really loving this, I find the recording process very interesting (probably because I know nothing about it and it would be fantastic to see even just one songs journey from the idea to the finished song that will be in the album) and its great to see at least little pieces of it. Sounds & looks good. Thank you :)

  10. Henry Says:

    2:19 sounds completely wicked. Dont dare to not release in in one way or another on IAMX5, I want this so bad.

  11. Vitaly Says:

    Please Play Fire and Whisper at your Moscow gig!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!thank you!!!!!!

  12. xxx Says:

    it seems that every time my mind is at this point where i feel it is about to break you put something beautiful that you have created out and that never fails to give me hope. i am beyond excited for iamx5 and i cant believe that after four albums (and everything before) you are still so perfect, still have so much to say, and still can create music that makes me FEEL. i have to say that one of my life goals is to see you live in concert and i really hope that you are able to do an american tour sometime soon. id do anything to experience iamx live

  13. Magdalena Says:

    Your music is never ending poetry.

  14. Meagan Says:

    god i love you.

  15. Divuar Says:

    Hi, Chris! Is there a possibility to buy IAMX5 on your gig in Kiev? I would like to have a few copies for me and my friends :)

  16. Ray Says:

    Hello Beautiful Christopher.
    All video very much like Silent Hills world.(which I love very very much).
    Black and White frames, long dark halls, a beautiful music.
    I see a beauty in what time has done to this building. Broken windows, shabby walls, an echo, strange voices
    Every fragments of songs make me press pause and think about heard. WowWhat was that?Am I mistaken? Is it so wonderful?
    Ive been waiting for something new, some new music and nowNow Ive got more than I could expect

  17. Jackie Garcia Says:

    Please conquer North America! I am dying to experience an IAMX performance in Washington D.C.

  18. Vera Says:

    Maybe you are no longer who you think you are. Changes are not to be feared. Good luck!

    And of course I can’t wait for IAMX 5 I’m sure it will be grand :) How can it not be?

  19. IamOne Says:

    Videojournals about recordproductions can produce some serious overexpections;-)

    much luv from Prenzlberch

  20. Roi Ronnan Eli Says:

    Another lovely video journal, I love seeing snipets into your wolrd!
    I really enjoy your work, Im sure collaborating, being a rarity, will keep you on your toes, and conjuring a whole range of excitement!
    I know you said not to get attached, but wow, the piano and vocals playing when youre walking down some stairs im crossing my fingers on hearing more. :-U

  21. Cody D. Seaton Says:

    NiceThis is great to see. Thank you!!!

  22. Marion Says:

    Just be yourself :) and come in France ! Take Care
    I love the sensuality and poetry in your songs <3

  23. kerry Says:

    Hey Mr Corner,
    woow, oh Danke für dieses vid..
    Ach Sie wissen gar nicht wie sehr ich mich auf neue Songs und Werke von Ihnen freue.

    Super schön dass sie nicht allein mehr sind die ganze Zeit während sie an ihren Meistestücken feilen.. , indem sie anderen mitwirken haben lassen. und vermulich weiterhin tun. ;)
    Und vor allem auch Spaß anscheinend darann entwickeln mit anderne was zu machen.. Zumindest erscheint es so. Das ist ja dann doppelt schön oder ;)

    Wird der einsame komponier-wolf.. vielleicht doch ein Rudel-artis ; ) ?.. Wie dem auch sei Ach.. Was soll ich sagen einfach weitermachen .. ;) )..und viel Spaß ihnen weiterhin.

    Wie sie merken schreibe ich jetzt einfach locker flockig drauf los auf Deutsch.. ;) Erstens weil ich heute einfach zu müde bin mein English rauszukramen, und zweiten.. Ich denk mir.
    Vielleicht auch mal ganz lustig für Sie auch einen Kommentare in Deutsch zu lesen.. und vielleicht müssen Sie dann bisschen nachdenken.. ..wenn schon wir immer sehr an ihren Texten zu knappern haben auf gut österreichisch ;) ..

    JUp.. ich liebe ihre Texte Stundenlang kann ich sie zerpflücken.. und wieder und wieder hören ;) und in diese Welten abtauchen..
    ..Freu mich ja schon sooo auf neue ! ;) )
    Dieses vid hat mir den tag gerettet ;)

    Alles Liebe. und und vielen Dank für den Einblick.. IIIIIiich freu mich schon sehr auf neue mystische Stunden mit Ihnen , wenn sie ihre neuen Songs vorstellen ;) lg

  24. Sioux Krause Says:

    Stunning, thrilling everything here. The process is one of the most exciting aspects of any art form; so to see these glimpses into your process is such a gift. I know well how vulnerable you are making yourself in doing this. Please know how very appreciated it is. Your words are, of course as always so eloquent and perfectly chosen. To be as self-aware and forthcoming and authentic as you are when you speak/write to usthere are very few people who are this way, as you are. It is what most makes me feel an affinity toward you what I love most. You continue to give so much I want nothing more than to give something in return because I feel greedy. I would like to recommend a book that may interest you: Creative Collaboration by Vera John-Steiner Much love and undying support, Sioux

  25. Jenn Says:

    Amazing sounds, Chris. Some things reminding me of Marc Almonds beautifully woeful songs. Anticipating IAMX5 and of course, patiently awaiting your next live tour in America. x

  26. Yunuén Says:

    Oh, dear Chris, it is so freaking hard no to get attached to what Ive listened.. I just hope that the one with flutes, and the one with the violin make it to the final result, they were so fucking haunting! Im more excited that I can tell, thank you for this, every goddamn time, THANK YOU.

    Love, Yunuén. México.

  27. James Says:

    Hello form L.A . No risk no glory as they say. Great building. I would definitely be having fun. Cant wait.

  28. IAMslaveofX Says:

    Such a mess!!! You promise to give us hand and you showed a finger.

  29. ross Says:

    thank you beautiful chris. these video-blogs show more and more how generous you are to us showing the creating process. i know its just demoes, but i really do like them, your music can penetrate inside my soul and make forget the world for a while. were all waiting for IAMX5 but please take your time, we will waiting enjoyin the great IAMX live performances in the meantime. much love from your children <3

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  31. séverine Says:

    Vraiment,vraiment hâte d avoir ce nouvel album!!!Merci Chris,IAMX de nous faire planer autant
    Love <3 Séverine

  32. Gail Says:

    When you come back o the U.S., please do a show in the Souteastern part of the country.

  33. Pequegnat Says:

    A simple thank you is not enough and yet anything more feels adulterated

  34. Tim Says:

    Wheres the studio at?

  35. Maria Says:

    cant wait to see you in russia, guys! take care and be the way you are
    we love you XX

  36. Carla Says:

    Its all sounding very exciting. I couldnt tell if you were playing a harpsichord or a spinet in the middle of the video, they sound so similar. Lovely instruments though.
    The groovy bass line I heard near the end, definitely had that IAMX DNA to it. Im looking forward to the new album even more now.
    Peace and love


  37. CJ Says:

    Hard to make much from the snippets but there are flashes of loveliness and haunting in there.
    There was a bit near the end where I thought it was all going to go Blair Witch and you were going to walk in a room and come upon your doppleganger playing your music.
    As always, Im looking forward to new expositions of your genius Chris, thank you.

  38. Nubius Says:

    Hello Chris,

    Some of the snippets in this video remind me of some of the later sneaker pimps songs, which is in no way a bad thing. A more organic, and subdued sound fits a certain mood well. Please, take your time Chris.

    Thanks again for posting these small glimpses into your world. Another delightful peak behind the curtain

  39. Li Says:

    danke für deine musik

  40. Lee smallwood Says:

    You are just too much for the world as we know it. Thank god for Berlin for You.

  41. Agnes Says:

    Hi! I love your work overall, and I really think youre a talented person. You have all these tracks in a very thought out way and in a very flawlessly flawed way.

    But I do have one question (that feels important to me to know):
    Are you against psyhcosis? (I am referring to your song Ghosts of utopia)

    Or what did your video and lyrics meant?
    I refer to the lyrics as an analyzing and self explained depth of psychosis.

    Youre the miracle in America it says in your lyric, and its hard to tell wether its good or bad?

    Because President seem to be a lyric about the vanity inside of human, not on the outside, but on the inside. Why I reflect your lyrics is because I am a listener. (and I know I can be wrong) And sometimes its hard to see if you despise the things you share, or if you like it. Now I meant Ghost of Utopia not President.

    Ghost of Utopia:
    Youre the miracle in America it says in your lyric, and it hard to tell wether its good or bad?
    As I see it, its good thinking life and yourself is a miracle, and you can feel such thing when youre sick, but thats not necesserily a bad thing?

    Its all of this lyrics and sounds, and they are splendid.

    But its hard to see which síde youre on and maybe its private, but I keep wonder if youre against the ones that have psychosis? Or maybe not the ones that has it, carry it, but if you have something against psychosis in generall.

    I love your work totally, but I also wonder what the message you want to say in that song.

    At least the simple question if youre against it?

    I understand you can be offended that I wonder, because the answer to you is very clear, but its not clear for me, because Im not you. And if youre not(!) against it then thats good, and also sorry for mistaken you. But my opinion doesnt really matter.

    You are an individual, a very artistic and talented one.

    / Girl from Sweden

  42. Tania Says:

    Hello, beautiful Chris!
    I want to say so much (as always), but not everything can be explained with words. Moreover, we all, X-lovers have common thoughts and feelings towards you. But I wont stop repeating that I am truly thankful for everything you do, especially your treatment of us, your children. You said not to be infected, but theres no other way after you hear those sweet sounds. They’re magic!
    I beg you to be you. You have one goal, you are one family, but be yourself and stay who you are whatever happens.

    With endless love and deep respect,

  43. ana Says:

    Hello, Chris Corner

    This is Ana, from São Paulo/Brasil. First of all, thank you very much for opening so many windows between your work and your children (as you say). Sorry if the word work seems cold, but I really don´t know how to name it: music/performance/poetry/soul theater group therapy?

    I don´t care much for this kind of lable (as we say here) , as long as this lable brings a name that I can call when I need company, or a visual perception I can remember to find it again in the middle of the crowd. I know your name is Chris Corner, I know your group is called IAMX, and that´s perfect! I love what you do.

    What I´ve also found really interesting, is what you call utopia I mean your plans for the future, something you said in an interview. If you wish to remember, this is the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zEIpBh9YVJs )

    Well I´ve been working with online and interactive comunnication in Brasil since the year 1999, and I can tell you that: today, this Independent Way of Life you dream of, still can be labled as the original Thomas Morus Utopia. But, the same way we are witnesses of Music Giant Falls today, as we never could imagine, we will witness a lot more Falls. Mainly, comportamental and philosofical falls I guess, ´cause they have to come firts, to call the others.

    (so sorry, my english is just enough)

    It´s just a question of time and people with that spark inside, that never gets out. :)

    So, I reeeeeally hope you can understand the power you are gathering here today, to turn up the lights in the future. Well, despite all this light talk, I still like black anyway. When I look to the skies they are blue, but if I go further I´ll reach the universe, and it´s deeply dark in there. So

    If you ever need my help and my network to spread your great performances and utopies, I´ll be here to help you. Thank you for the music. (just LOVE it).

    take care :)

    ps.: the URL Casa da Niks means: Nicks Home (Nick Nicks is my nickname). This url is a blog, place where I write, but it´s in portuguese hahaha. If you want, I can translate something. :) Buy again

  44. KIRA Says:

    Chris, your music is touching and pure. But are you HAPPY?

  45. Daphne Says:

    Cant wait for the new Album!

    What camera do you guys use to shoot this VideoBlog?
    I saw a nice small one on VideoBlog2 at minute 2:08 ?
    Is it a mirrorless? Sony, Fuji, Panasonic..???

    Kisess xxx

  46. Kinga Says:

    Thank you for the alternative to real world that you have created. No words can explain how much I`m thankful. Don`t stop it.

    And Berlin is wonderful.
    2 weeks ago I was in Berlin for the first time. I fell in love with this place. This city is so special. I really want to come back here and stay a bit longer than 2 days I must.

    big hugs xx

  47. Gail Says:

    I love you and your music, Chris! Dont ever stop.

  48. L.H. Says:

    Keep up the fabulous work Chris.
    Cant wait to hear the finished opus.

    Much Love from the City of Angels.


  49. Kristin Says:

    Please dont be an archetype. I think you are too good for that, but maybe fame wont allow it.
    Also, come to the united states, I dont know if youll sell out a show like it seems you are in Europe, but I would love to see you perform live, and Im sure Im not alone in that.
    best wishes.

  50. Kristin Says:

    P.S.- My children?

  51. Kyris Says:

    Dear Chris,

    It is quite exciting to see you so, well, stoked over your latest endeavors. I wait in learned patience for the release of them biding my time by frequenting your past albums. For, I must admit that Your music preserves the remnants of my soul. I was lost, and now I am beginning to be found. I do my best to proliferate my favored musical collection, but I often find myself lost in a piece written by your own hand instead. In writing, this now daily ritual of mine makes me seem awfully like a creeper. An internet creeper. Shit. I shall refrain from further exposition while I am a head. ;]

    Another day goes by, and I know that I am not alone in this wonder of the world that I perceive through these overexcitable senses.

    I pray we find our souls to keep,
    xo kyris

  52. aqa Says:

    Hallo!Im from Poland.Idiscovered your music a few days ago on Impactfest in Warsow.It was so beautiful.Your music opened my soul. Thank you so much for your work and I wish you everything the best.

  53. Lindsay Says:

    Good day I am so delighted I found your blog, I really found you by error, while I was looking on Askjeeve for something else, Anyhow I am here now and would just like to say many thanks for a remarkable post and a all round thrilling blog (I also love the theme/design), I dont have time to look over it all at the moment but I have saved it and also included your RSS feeds, so when I have time I will be back to read a lot more, Please do keep up the excellent job.

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