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  1. Modena THeGreat Says:


  2. Nick Mariano Says:

    Have pre-ordered the LP and will probably buy another copy for a friend. Have loved you from the start and been to show(s) at every US tour. Looking forward to the next one, I know it will happen.

  3. Genaro Adauto Says:

    I support the artist therefore I pay for the album. Just woke up and leaving to go purchase the album. Ive only listened to Ghosts of Utopia and I loved it. Cant wait to get lost in Volatile Times =p. Great work and congratulations. Today is a big day!

  4. Mari Says:

    wow..im impressed with how Chris speaks. No capslock.
    I wish you to have enough money to forget about them.
    Take care.

  5. Knitted_Cat Says:

    Thank You, Christopher

  6. hanna Says:

    thank you. feels like youre speaking to me again when i listen to this. ive missed you

  7. Kate Says:

    I havent downloaded the album and am waiting for my copy. I dont see waiting a week or so longer makes much difference as Ive been waiting a year ;-) Those who truly support IAMX will part with money for the work, those who download illegally probably wouldnt buy it anyway in my opinion. What is said however is that someone youve trusted has shared this before time. Its divided some fans over whether we should listen or not.

    Please come to the UK. There are enough of us here who want to see you to make it an amazing gig!

  8. Brian Says:

    I pre-ordered the album last week, hope to see you guys in US sometime this year.

  9. Joachim Jauker Says:

    Hallo Chris,

    ich habe das neue Album heute morgen bereits geladen. Die ersten Eindrücke waren amazingFreue mich auf intensives reinhören;-))

  10. Cat Says:

    I felt rather guilty pre-ordering the album quite late but I will always support IAMX no matter what bullshit distracts me. Hopefully your fans understand the ethos of being independent so they will always come through, even if they make mistakes. Anyway the watchword for BBC news is volatility today on the same day of your release. Ive said this before but its that kind of everday fucked up poetry of the world that needs to be appreciated.

    See you in Berlin bitches! x

  11. KizzyDoll Says:

    I must always buy albumsI dont care if Ive paid for the downloadable version as well, I want to feel it in my hands and run my fingers over the artwork and beautiful lyrics printed on the paper. If its an artist that I only like one of two songs from, then I might just download those songs only, but never had to do that with an IAMX album, I always adore them & take them everywhere with me. If you enjoy an artist so much, why not buy their work and keep it with you. I grew up way back when, when 8-tracks were on the way out and records were everywhere, then tapes, then cds came and now downloadable things and I far prefer the tangible work, where you can feel the blood, sweat and tears of the artist and appreciate them so much more. We need music like IAMX to keep that spirit alive of freedom and passion and help people to keep believing in the power of Art & music. There is enough rubbish in the air as it is!! IAMX will always have my love & support, I hope to see your beautiful faces in Glasgow soon!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

  12. Nao Says:

    Ive downloaded the album, but Ive also pre-ordered it. I do think people who really enjoy an artist will carry on buying CDs and stuff, even though its available for free online. Its just not the same.
    Keep the good work and see you in Paris!

  13. p Says:

    as soon as i get my payment, i will buy Volatile Time!!! i love you IAMX! see you in April! Warsaw is waiting.

    much much Love!

  14. Gene Bogolepov Says:

    Chris, this is the best album youve done to the date. Am looking forward to have a chance to buy the vynil lp on your show.

  15. Kelly Says:

    thanks for your wonderful new album..
    Really enjoyed your gig in Graz too by the way. This made my day.
    First of all Dont worry to much, i promise you, the piece you let go out into the world again with this new album will be mainly loved and listened to respectfully also dont worry to much about those parasites that downloaded your album for free. They will be punished by life ;) I am sure..
    By the way..That cant be real true fans who would have bought the album in a store..i guess most your real fans,like me, are intelligent enough to know that if you really love some kind of music, you have to support the artist and BUY his CDS and go to his gigs..!!!
    All the best,
    keep it up hope to see you soon

  16. Wiesiek Says:

    I downloaded the album and I think its nothing wrong. I can not afford to buy every album so I download it, listen and then decide buy or not.
    Of course I buy as many albums as I can because theres no better feeling than holding new album wrapped in plastick in your hand, read a booklet, touch the CD
    Volatile Times is simply brilliant and Im going to see you in Warsaw, and I hope you sign my copy of the album ;)

    greets from Poland

  17. Kaan Says:

    I do not expect to see your CDs in Canadian music stores but at least you could release the album on iTunes Canadian store so we could purchase it!

  18. Steve Says:

    Mr Corner

    There is a time and a place for thrift. The notion of a deserved reward for something we have not earned. Sadly, we walk alongside those who neither understand nor care for the art that brightens or darkens their worlds. It is indicative , though not complete, in our time.

    Your work gives me inspiration, a beat and a faith that electronic music can still be art. I am the proud owner of all your works, legitimate and paid in full. I could not conceive of a moment in which I would insult you integrity by not rewarding you for the work you share us with. To those who do..in their music libraries of a thousand albums, never to be heardthank you for killing the art.we are all so truly grateful that you are depriving the true fans of their devotion. Really we are.

    As a musician I understand the cost of touring, the pain of recording but then the love of fulfilling ones destiny.I shall be buying Volatile Times as soon as funds touch my fingers. It is an awesome and inspiring piece of work from the extracts I have heard and my hatred for those who deprive you of your wage and the fans of their love will not dissipate

    The world is yours in time Chris

  19. Eric Fisher Says:

    I too dowaloaded the album early, simply couldnt wait. Buying it proper from the IAMX Boutique today. Thank you for the constant inspiration, Chris.


    Tapping The Vein

  20. Marine Says:

    Guilty, guilty guilty! I downloaded VT too, because I just couldnt wait for listenin to it But I first pre-ordered it ! I pre-ordered VT since IAMX boutique allowed it ! And now I just cant wait to receive your CDs and vinyl..! Your music is so amazing, you deserve to be remunerated for that, for all the pleasure and hapiness you offer to us, for the part of yourself you give us as a gift..
    Youre so talented ! And so generous with your fans ! The least we can do is to try to support you buyin ur stuff, and ur art. Who said art was free ? Nobody can live without nay money x) Would you steal a CD in a store ? I cant !
    I really hope youll always be able to live on your art, and (might be selfish ,but..) to keep givin us as much love as youre doin now. I really wish I could support u in a different way..
    Thank you Chris, thanks for being like a missile in our lives, I mean givin and takin our lives away..
    We love you

  21. Clara Cilly Says:

    Thanks , your blog has returned the happiness to me today =) I also listened to the album this week, before it was realeasedbut equally I had the intention of buying it at the realease. Its difficult to refuse to listen when you have it ahead and have waited for it so much time.
    As always, another masterpiece; though I miss the albums like The alternative Kiss&Swallow where all songs were forming a common idea and in which you were submerging completely. In KOWA and Volatile Times seems that certain songs stand out much more than other songs. In any case, I adore your music.

    See you in Barcelona this year. I bought my ticket this week too ^^ And sorry, my English isnt good
    P.S.: I love your previous phychotic blog xD.

  22. Kate M Says:

    ohh Rowan is my good friend!)))
    we do love you, Chris!!!
    my congratulations!!!
    we are going to celebrate Volatile Times release tonight and drink for you!
    much love from Kiev!

  23. Nik Says:


    I bemoan the lack of CAPS LOCK. It adds fervour and mystique to your blogs.

    Please come to the UK for gigs. We were such sweethearts last time.

    It doesnt feel right paying for downloads to me. Paying for something not physical, not there. Itd be like paying for oxygen. However, a CD is a whole other jungle of lemurs. I gladly own all the IAMX and Splinter Cell albums in this fabulous format and look forward to adding the superb Volatile Times to this collection.

    Bernadette is a wonderful fucked-up cirus waltz of a mind-trip. It reminds me of that ballet when a man winds up a doll to make it come to life. The song mind fucked me. I love it.

    Kind thoughts. x

  24. Praguer Says:


    I anxiously await the album (I pre-ordered). All of us have tremendous respect for not only WHAT you do but the manner in which you DO it. Many people can justify downloading without paying when big labels and multiple layers of distribution separate the artist from their audience. The more people who learn about HOW you make a living as an independent artist, the more likely people will pony up and pay their fair share to give you a degree of true independence, not only from big labels but from real-life financial concerns as well.

    Thanks very much for everything you do!


  25. bridget Says:

    I really cant wait to receive my copy of Volatile Times in the mail!
    I will be checking my mail box obsessively until it arrives.


  26. Martin Templeton Says:

    IAMX increasingly appears to be out of touch re: both maintaining and communicating with their fan base and with the best methods of self-promotion and music releases.

    Both, for example, Imogen Heap and Trent Reznor understand that, yes, piracy exists but that focusing instead on communicating with fans ie Twitter, and engaging them creatively ie garageband stems to remix, Imogens latest live writing-with-her-fans, NINs games with Year Zero etc are a far, far better deterrent to piracy than chastising people who are interested in your music especially in the album release blog of all places.

    Communicate with fans. Accept piracy happens, move on and work to promote a loyalty in your fanbase *24/7* not just when theres a release or with a limited crowd when touring.

    Drop the dated, precious, lovey projection that comes out of the infrequent blog posts, come down to earth with the rest of us and make IAMX more than just a yearly album release and tour.

    Its not sad that music is instantly downloadable, its an opportunity for those not stuck in the music business of the past to be creative.

  27. alicehannah Says:

    Hope to buy my copy when Im in mainland Europe in the next few weeks as shipping to the UK doesnt benefit anyone and I want a physical copy aswell as the download. Hope to see you in the UK or find the money to get to a Europe show. I hope the fans are good enough to buy the album to secure a UK show, and love it as much as I do.

    Love and support

  28. Charlie Says:

    Ive just bought Volatile Times and i just want to say, this is pure beauty!!!!i love it from the first noteThank you for your music!

  29. Henry Says:

    Ive got it since wednesday, but legally, of course they just sold it already, somehow (man, I was happy!). Id never ever think about downloading a leaked album, and illegal downloads might be an opinion only if its really hard or impossible at all (see, for example, SP4) to get specific music. But I like the fact you thematize it, cause youre just fucking right. Its your work, your art. And sadly, theres really nothing to do against leaking at all

    But whatever, lets come to the fact that Volatile Times is, in my opinion, your best work so far. Honestly, I love it so damn much and cant stop listening to it, its amazing. Especially Music People (its ending!!), Volatile Times, Bernadette, Walk Into Asylum and Cold Red Light just fuck my mind in a very very positive way. Intelligent (and true) lyrics, awesome AWESOME percussion and instruments, superb vocals, a brilliant mix of styles (theres really something for everyone this time), a perfect mastering. My favorite album this year even now.

    Im waiting and ready for Zürich in April.

  30. Tanja R. Says:

    well i think that your real fans wont download it for free in an illegal way. . .otherwise they are no real fans and havent understood whats going on at all! (but rowans reaction is quite honest and brave too i must say!!)
    ok at times one doesnt have enough money to buy all we want. . .but if you love a band try to save up money, even if it requires time, in order to buy the cd! waiting can be hard to endure yes but its better than stealing in any case!
    some people i know dont expect much from this new album and they think that the first single isnt good at all. . .but you know what; as they are musicians im sure they are simply envious as they are not able to create music at the level you do!!
    you have faith in us and we have faith in you, thats why im sure that i gonna adore the new album!!

    hugs and greets!


  31. JohnM Says:

    Thanks for the flac digital release.

  32. Stefanie Says:

    Chris, I just want to tell you that I have followed you for over a decade and respect and admire your intoxicating voice and every word that has been created in your mind and put into a beautiful song. My goal this year is to see you in person for the first time and I will do whatever i can to get you here to the U.S. You are such an incredible being and I hope to see you someday. I will always be waiting, and this record by far, brings me the best piece of happiness I could endure. Thank you so so much.

  33. Marc Says:

    I been reading all the post via the blog and facebook, and it seems a lot of us have become slaves to the pirates downloading this art made by IAMX. By downloading this via pirate sites we are all killing something beautiful!! Chris is nothing like your ga ga or your typical band/pop stars that can fall back on big music industry budgets to save them selfs WE are the ones that keep IAMX alive by buying the music and attending gigs Were lucky its all done of his own back thats what gives him his freedom with the music and uniqueness. I Know a lot of us have download it for free and say that you will buy it when you can I just hope your ones of your word!.. I have also seen a lot of people asking for bank info to send money Well its nice to know some of us fans still have hearts and wanna help payback what some have taken for free, many have taken this music for free but dont have the will to hold the hand and say I, but still wanna pay you back Chris To IAMX team on the web page make a donate button!, I hope you make some of youre loss back from this!

  34. Charlie Says:

    Nothing in the post todayfingers crossed for tomorrow. Instant gratification I want you now.

  35. Tyler Says:

    It is lovely of you to take your time to write a personal note to your fans.
    I was so curious and greedy that I had to catch a glimpse of your new work after I realized you would come to Vienna with it. However, I am still one of those who loves holding his cherished things in his hands, so of course I need my hard copy in any case. It would be a terrible experience for me to not be able to buy the disc but just be left to download songs.
    Please, stay so beautifully out of fashion and release CDs, give concerts in person and keep your mesmerising charm. It must be hard for you as an individual artist in a world which lives on the most recent technology and Internet. Surely a challenge to face every day. But we fight the fight with you. Keep experimenting, and please, stay true to yourself and your values. After all, thats also why we love you so.


  36. Ventris Says:

    A rapist is still a rapist even if he (or she) asks for consent afterwards.
    A thief is still a thief even if they try to go back and pay for the items they stole.
    And any artist they accepts people stealing their work is either a multi-millionaire or an idiot.
    Shame on you who nicked the album, youll be the first phoning the IAMX suicide hotline , when they have to spilt up and Chris has to get in job in ASDA just to make ends meet! You wont be able to steal from him there.

    A good work man is always worthy of his hire (and that is from the freekin bible people)

  37. Dallin Says:


    Youve done it again, IAMX have been a huge huge influence over me, and Volatile Times seems to speak to ME directly, exactly how Im feeling right now in these fucked up and impossibly sinking times.. I cant describe it any more than that.. Youre an inspiration to me and I love your music, please continue doing what youre doing, I support you, and others do, and to see you guys here in the US would be more than I could ask for. My wife and I traveled to San Francisco to the Great American Music Hall just to see you and you are still to this day one of the greatest live performers I have ever seen.

    Much love,


  38. Linda Says:

    I picked up the album yesterday. I was so excited to hear the whole thing after having had the samples from the iamx website playing on repeat ever since they were put up.
    After having heard the album, I have to say that while I really loved listening to the samples, they certainly didnt do the full package much justice.
    Every song on Volatile Times is great (incl. Avalanches which I was happy to find on iTunes this morning), Im not sure if Ive ever had an album where there wasnt a single song I thought was a bit, shall we say, less enjoyable than the others. But on this one theyre all just different and wonderful in their own way and as an entity.
    There are specifics in each song which make them interesting or remarkable and I wont mention all because I dont want to write that much, but I love the scream bits in the title track, so painful and urgent, the hidden mic conversation in Oh beautiful town (a surprising detail, which i think gives the entire track a far more personal feel to it) and the crazy-wicked ending of Music People.
    In general, I love that every single track sounds like it is of very high quality (as is true for all iamx albums, in my opinion).

    Thank you, for once again creating and putting out such a masterpiece for all of us to take in, enjoy, absorb, contemplate + love (and of course support). x

  39. Dylan Says:

    Well I did kind of enjoy listening to the album before its release date, as it was an unexpected treat, but I did not download it for free, instead I bought the download from this website, and I will buy the physical copy in a few months when Im in Germany to avoid paying exhorbitant shipping costs.

    Ive read a lot of the comments, including that of Martin Templeton, and Id like to say that although it is self-indulgently critical and ignores the fact that all the other artists he listed there have a much larger fanbase and can afford to lose a good chunk of their business to piracy, he does have a point. We would love to see a little more interaction between releases. Try, perhaps, video blogging, and comment on this damn blog post. We want to see that you ARE there reading these and that we arent just talking to a brick wall.

    And bravo Marc, I want the donate button! I have $100 that calls your name. You could also make available a monthly pledge. Although I am 17 and could not afford to do so, I think some of the die-hards would pledge.

    But really, post on the comments section, do some vlogging (even as disgusting as that word sounds), and also a thought is, if you want to make more people buy the singles, try throwing in some good old b-sides. I would have maybe bought the Ghosts of Utopia single, but I realized that I can already buy one half of that by just purchasing the Volatile Times album (and although I like the remix, its not enough to motivate me to buy it). Yes, yes, DO THE B-SIDES! It would be fun to get a few extra IAMX soungs interspersed throughout the couple years in between albums.

  40. Ruth Says:

    Chris, Ill buy your physical album, because I also need to touch you.
    And I love you
    (you dont write pop songs in the Caribbean)

  41. Parris Says:


    Your works continue to inspire me and capture my imagination. You truly are an inspiration and prove that music is still alive (Im some places). From your sneaker pimp days to the Alternative to even Every remix and rework of your music, your art continues to be magical and I Wish you the best in these Volatile Times. I cant wait to hear the new album and am hoping to find a hard copy in America!!! Thanks for everything you do and stand for!

    – Parris

  42. globalcut Says:

    I m going to buy it in about 30 min.
    I have to buy every album of every artist that I love, it is important to listen to the music but also to see the artwork made for it. and I love you and your music ;D
    see you in Paris ++

  43. Josh TH. Says:

    Chris, you have built such a large reputation with your innovative style and I feel this album is going to be on of your best. As someone who likes to call themselves an artist as well, I can completely understand the horrible feeling of someone stealing your work, along with the troubles that never having enough money brings. I support you 100% and cannot wait to see the success you reap for all of your hard work!

  44. icicle Says:


    i just wanted to say, that i bought volatile times right after leaving my desk at work. and i have to say you did not disappointed me. especially oh beautiful town is awesome. thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings with us. dont stop writing and singing, its too late for that anyway. ;o)

  45. peter v. Says:

    Hi Chris and all at IAMX,

    great new album! The hardcover edition is fantastic (and smells good) :-) , the music is overwhelming and your voice is breathtaking

  46. Anastasi Says:

    I repent, I downloaded your album. Its very difficult to buy it with delivery to Ukraine. But I promise, Ill buy it immediately, as soon as it becomes possible. Because really want to have exactly licensed disc.
    I love your music, it fascinates and inspires.
    Good luck and congratulate you on the release!

  47. Martin Templeton Says:

    all the other artists he listed there have a much larger fanbase and can afford to lose a good chunk of their business to piracy,

    All two of them. Mmm. If Imogen Heap/Frou Frou do indeed have a larger fan base
    then ask yourself how she got it.

    Then copy that.

    Looking at people who are finding creative solutions to being successful and saying, they can afford to lose a good chunkto piracy, is exactly why IAMX posts
    talking about fans being close to my heart, once every 6 months,

    Meanwhile Imogen Heap is online every night ATM talking to her fans and *using
    their samples, artwork and videos* to write her next single.
    How cool is that?

    This is all in the context that, yes, of course Im going to buy the album and loved seeing them live in London.

    Im just not convinced that the whole aloof, pretentious, persona Chris adopts is really helping him.
    Smaller artists cant afford *not* to move away from the album/tour/silence cycle where theyre forever chasing the big record deal and global hit.

    I’d like to say that although it is self-indulgently criticalhe does have a point.

    Thanks so much for that. I almost feel validated.

  48. Humanoid Says:

    Its sad ro

  49. Die Says:

    Its made me so happy to read that at least someone else isnt totally in love with the digital revolution. Certainly, the internet is un-ignorable and definitely has its benefits, theres a context for digital downloads and books (oh how Ive ranted about e-books) but theres no way they should ever be allowed to replace traditional formats that you can actually hold in your hands.
    The problem I think these days is that nobody ever does have to wait for anything. Cant wait isnt an excuse youre harming yourself as much as the artist youre illegally downloading. Because everything is available so immediately and without any effort, anticipation or sacrifice on the consumers part, then things experiences become devalued. Id much rather have the experience of looking forward to being excited to receive a CD or LP that I can hold in my hands and look at the artwork than click a button and have an intangible download immediately. People have no patience any more. Anticipation is part of the pleasure.
    IAMX and Chris, never change yourselves no matter what people say, hold onto your ideals and keep creating brilliant, original music. I hope you do tour in the UK soon because your gigs are always fantastic.

  50. Christina Says:

    What?? Possibly no US tours?? Buy the album beautiful people please!!! My album and cd are on route from Deutschland but dont tell my husband I know because its supposed to be a surprise for my birthday in two weeks. But the agreement was I can buy it through the website today to at least listen to. See people, I am a true fanbought all three versions of the album. Meanwhile, please do the same so we can see the new IAMX lineup here in the states, preferably California. I will travel out of LA if need be. Ive done it before. By the way Chris, so far on track three and the excitement is running through me. Loving it, no new music could ever compare to this. Thanks for continuing your art.

    P.S. You all can always come to out house and play and stay for a few days. We have lots of veggie t.v. dinners. Hehe :)

  51. Christina Says:

    One additional comment after reading some of these post. Im probably dating myself, but I remember the days when my mom would let me miss school and would take me to the nearest record store (that has now collapsed due to piracy and the loss of passion in youth) to buy the record and get a free poster or something. That was so much fun. I would count down the days to get my cassette or cd and rummage through the art work and the lyrics and listen repeatedly to the songs until I knew every last bit of it. Those were the days. But guess what, I still do that. Yeah I wont lie I download too, but I must have the visual art to go along with the musical art. I feel so sad for the youth who is missing out on the enchantment of this feeling, and Chris, I think its fine to feel sad about this too. Different generations have different perspectives and respect for music in sometimes an unimaginable way which is cool.

  52. Valeria Says:

    Dear Chris

    I have to apologize. I have downloaded the album earlier tooBut Ive already bought it today. Volatile Times is my favourite <3

    What I need to tell youIve downloaded the others too. Dont hate me. I just didnt know where to buy them and didnt have the money (were pretty poor). But now Ive ordered all of them to support you. Ive been shopping in the boutique IAMX too ;D

    Im really sorry that I did this. I hope its okay for you

    In deep love,
    Valeria XXX

    PS: Do you remember the Graz concert? (Of course you do, dumme frage) It was GREAT!!! You totally felll on me and my best friend. We were in the second row. And i think it was us who let you fall. Sorry!! :D
    And thank you for the most beautiful moment in my life. I will never forget it and love you till the end. Now that sounds strange, but I mean it. <3

  53. Lexi Campbell Says:

    Hi Chris,
    I got the free download song Fire and Whispers and loved it. just paid and got the album, very excited, had a countdown and everything going for it. been a huge fan since Sneaker Pimps, you are amazing and I will continue to follow and support your music.

  54. Andrey Says:

    Chris, thank you for this incredible album! It`s really fantastic and epic.
    I bought both physical releases (waiting for it) and flac-version of the album.

    Hope to see you in Russia someday

  55. wordsofglass Says:

    Dear Chris,
    Sometimes we cant resist temptationsand then want to make amends. I like the idea of the person that wanted to make direct payments to you. VIa paypal/google checkout/whatever. I guess I dont quite understand why that couldnt work/isnt an option.

    Also, I think if you tour the US, you should try to open for Lady Gaga a few times. 5 or 10 shows with her would probably double your US fan-base.

  56. Ventris Says:

    Why would anyone want to ride the coattails of that ridiculous Gaga creation???.
    I’m just not convinced that the whole aloof, pretentious, persona Chris adopts is really helping him. You have listened to the songs dear? Its not pretend. Personally I dont give a fuck about what kind of person he is, we dont know each other so why should I? I do care about the art he produces. The main problem with the music business is that most people are buying/selling personalities not the art!

  57. Sun_Sunovna Says:

    First : THANKS!!! Thanks from the heart!!! Your music is gorgeous!!!

    Second: I downloaded the album earlier too as a many other people. Feels no proud of this doing, but But i really couldn`t wait a week longer!!! That waiting was just unbearable!
    Read all the posts in your blog , all your reasoning about value of art and illegal downloading, and i share most of your opinions, but anyway i did what i did Feels not too good now(((( worse than i could imagine((
    sorry, chris! that`s the only thing i can say…
    For my excuse can only say i living in savage Ukraine-country, so i`m not even sure if it possible to me to order album with delivery in here( Planning to buy cd anyway: at Stare Misto-fest in Lviv; if not to ask my friends in Frankfurt to buy it there, than to sand it to me)) Wanna be honest witn IAMX!

    Deepest congrats on a new album, on that baby of you!
    Celebrating release of Volatile Times and drinking for your creativity !! !Thanks once again! Cheers!
    See you in May in Lviv!!
    Hugs and greets!


  58. delphine Says:

    Thank you Chris!
    Always bought my music and always will! I have the utmost respect for you musicians and for the beauty you bring to us! We need music, this is the air we breath, thank you for keeping us alive!!!! Chris, you NEED to come to New York! This WILL happen!!! Waiting for you impatiently!!!!

  59. gAbi;-) Says:

    Ich liebe das neue Albumthanks to you Chris you made my day!
    Mein erster Weg heute führte mich in den CD-Laden!

    und ich bin immer noch von eurem Konzert im Rockhouse Salzburg fasziniert!

    faithfully gAbi;-)

  60. Anastasia Says:

    Im sorry but I downloaded your music too :( . Its my sin, but I couldnt wait. Our Ukrainian delivery system lives in the Stone Age, but I promise I will buy your CD at the gig in Lviv. Thank you very much, that you dont forget about our country!

    I love your brilliant creations and wish you a lot of years full of inspiration!

  61. Jasmine Says:

    I preordered the album as well but I didnt get it today. well,Ill have to wait til Monday, thats not a big problem. I would never download something people worked hard and with love for. its stealing. I cant understand why people do something like that. are they really that impatient?! they cant be real fans if they just come and steal and maybe ruin something you created.
    Im impatient as well but Ill wait. til then Ill just watch videos from the Austrian shows. they were fabulous by the way. I came to the first show without expectations but then I was just amazed. truly amazed. and Ill see you in Munich! so looking forward.
    Well,I adore your work and I hope people will stop downloading music and start to support you truly. youre special.
    see you soon. /J x

  62. Kate M Says:

    ohh your army are waiting for you in Lviv!:)) dont forget your good mood ;) )

    love love love love

  63. Kate M Says:

    is waiting))) sorry, i am drunk a bit

  64. Emily S. Says:

    Mnsr. X,
    It was truly not I who released your album online. I did, obviously, have a hand in it; but that is only because I am a huge fan of your work, and could not bear the idea of a new album and not being able to see your lovely face and music alive again in Chicago, or anywhere in the states. I am a thrifty college student, as I expect most of your fans are but I am doing everything in my power to get the word out about your band to my short circuit of friends. It is ALL OUT OF LOVE. You do not need to feel scared. Just allow everyone to be enraptured by your voice and images. With the deepest of apologies and love, EMILY STEPHEN.

  65. Christina Says:

    Ive been waiting patiently since your last release. Ive only heard/seen live versions on youtube, though, I am one who strongly opposes stealing from artists. Also, simply, its not the same without a physical copy in my hands I like having the intimate moment of listening to the music and looking through the album artwork. Its like a ritual for me.

  66. Christina Says:

    P.S. Please come to Chicago. Not everyone here steals music

  67. emilystephen Says:

    Not all of us Americans steal music!
    Some of us have paid for the pre-release and have still not gotten it. This is the USA, after all But, Ive found it is easier/cheaper to go to the show, buy the album and have a good time. xoxo. So stop whining about not having it yet. Youll get it, if you know where to look <3. EmilyS.

  68. stephan Says:

    I have downloaded the album before his release but i ve always supported IAMX so like the previous IAMX Albums i will buy it officially & physicaly because i always will prefer a CD for my collection than a downloaded version album!

    But i hope Chris that u will read this.i have some requests for the Future!

    I would like to see in your boutique ( like a lot of your fans) Deluxe Versions of your previous IAMX albums with Bonus trax like demo sessionsalternative songs & outtakes.please not in Download format only (im not really interested in this format..its cool for preview only for me).im sure it would be great for your fans & im ready to pay for this with my Credit Card & Please Release a DVD from your current tourthis would be a great Present 4 all of us!

    Peace & Bwild
    May u live 2 see the dawn

    PS>I like your last album ..it is a great piece of ARTthank U & dont worry i will give u the cash 4 your work & Art ( Remember i support U)

    Stephan from France

  69. Karen Says:

    see soon you in hamburg/grünspan

    I have to buy every album of every artist that I love, it is important to listen to the music but also to see the work made for it.

  70. Kate Says:

    Hello Chris,

    I have pre-ordered the album and I am still waiting for it to arrive as I am in England. I had hoped it would be here today, but I despite already buying it, I refuse to go and find it on the internet. Its unfair, its unkind and as far as Im concerned, it is stealing. The album clearly means a lot, to you and it does to us fans. Please dont lose faith. Your fans are here and will be as long as you are. I love how you described the album as a piece of you, that made me smile. I just read the easy is not easy blog too, and I am amazed at how open and honest you have been with us. It gives us an insight into your beautiful, wonderful mind and it makes me feel that little bit closer. about our self consciousness struck a chord, I feel like I almost confirm what you said and it makes me sad. I wish I could change that.

    I have just booked for my friend and I to come and see you in Berlin next month. And if you come to England, well come again. I cant wait to finally see you in person and be a part of what will be an unforgettable night!

    Im not going to be one of those people that says Oh, a TRUE fan would buy the album as I am aware that not everybody can afford to part with money for more than the necessities in this day and age. But please, if anyone reads this and can, please buy the album! We need IAMX to keep going as long as there is something to be said.

  71. Christina Says:

    I wasnt whining about not having it. I was implying that I wouldnt steal it and would prefer to buy it myself. Thanks for understanding.

  72. Sioux Says:


    Ive been a fan for several years and have purchased all of your music. Ive been working hard to spread the word and have been very successful expecially in the past few months Ive found a multitude of new fans for you here in the U.S. who I know are prepared to fly to Philadelphia to be with me when I get to see you for the first time, if will be able to make it here for a show. I, and many of my friends plan to see you at as many US East Coast shows as we can get to, I promise. Ive purchased VT on pre-order and also purchased an IAMX hoodie with it! Cant wait to get home today to get them!

    Come and stay with us when you come to Philadelphia save money on a hotel room and we will provide a home cooked meal and some wine! :-) My house is open to you anytime. Keep the faith; your true fans love you passionately and support you. When I introduce your music to people, I share your previous blog entry to help them understand the importance of purchasing the music. It makes them love you even more.

    In celebration of the album release, my friends and I are doing a shot of whiskey together tonight! And, Im starting a new 3 x 4 painting of you you inspire others very much, you know. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts with us. My life is better because your art is in it. xoxo

  73. Jim Penola Says:

    As I type this, I am downloading Volatile Times direct from the IAMX Boutique. This is my third time paying for the album the previous two being for the CD and Vinyl that shipped today for the U.S. I cant help myself! I want so badly for IAMX to succeed and I am so proud to be a fan that I have no problem doing this. The next step is to continue to show it to my friends and anyone who will listen.

    Whatever it takes to allow you to make/record music and play live around the world. Were here for you! My sincere congratulations on the new album. I doubt I will be this excited for an album for the rest of the year. Im still deciding whether I should listen this weekend or wait until my physical copies to arrive.

    Thank you, Chris! See you soon (hopefully)!

  74. Emmanuelle Says:

    I ordered the new album already 3 weeks ago online in Switzerland, got it already on wednesday by post, and I just love it so much, like the 3 albums before. You have done a great work an I am looking forward to see you again on the concert in April in Switzerland. Much Love, Emmanuelle

  75. HUMANOID Says:

    Its sad to see that happen. I purchased the vinyl! I really cant wait to receive it And regarding you coming over to the U.S. that would be just amazing! I cant to see you guys live! You are the reason Music is around.
    I honestly cant think how crazy it must be to come up with amazing lyrics and sounds.
    You guys are amazing!
    Thanks for making music. that only the worthy will understand.

    Already looking forward to the next album! <3

  76. Valentin Says:

    Chriiiiiiiiiis !!! :D I cant believe what I saw tonight in Esch/Alzette! The best of your concerts ever! This was the occasion to buy your new album, and I can say it rocks! Congratulations, a great achievement!
    Thank you for the wonderful concert you presented us this evening in Luxembourg. I already miss it But Ive already bought flight tickets to follow you in Madrid on April 29, cant wait to be there :-)
    Thanks for creating this Fairy Tale ;-)

  77. Tristan Says:

    Chris, dont worry. I have a strong feeling that Volatile Times is going to break wide open (if Ghosts of Utopia is any indication) and you will have venues begging to book you. I curse myself constantly for missing your Portland, OR show a few years ago and yearn tragically to see you live. please come back. there are absolute scads of interested parties here.

  78. Marina Says:

    Many fans work hard to make sure to buy all albums and of course ticket shows. :)
    I cant wait for my preorder! Hope to see you in California, it would make my life.

  79. Amanda Says:

    Album is perfect. We have a radio station here that has a show called the Adventure Club. Lets see how adventurous they are, I just begged that they at least give you a listen if they havent already. Really want you to come to the States. I REALLY want you to afford that house for all your fans in a giant concert. Will do everything I can to promote you here.

    You are a stamp on this generation, both lyrically and musically.

    Thank you.

  80. Amanda Guerra Says:

    I purchased and downloaded your album via paypal today. All your tracks are fantastic. Im having but one problem. It seems the bonus track wont download fully. I only seemed to receive a partial file.

    Other than that Im quite pleased. I do hope you come to The States, New Orleans specifically. You have a rather large fan-base here.

  81. Nyckole D’ Molko Corner Says:

    look, I know how it feels like but If someone downloads the new disc is because we want to know how this new marerial is like. this new disc was so exPected for all Iamx fans. Im very sad because of the downloads issue but you have to keep on as the best band of the world

    I love you Chris you are the best singer and Iamx is the best band in the world.

  82. fatima Says:

    i love your work, your creativity, your voice youre awesome
    id be great if more people would listen to you here in Mexico and you could come to make some people happy

  83. Ivonnemg Says:

    Hi dear Christopher!! How I said before!!, Im very surprised with this!!
    I want to support you!! and Ill do it!! you can be sure!!! but Im impressed,
    Dates on USA, CANADA, and other ones!! and Mexico no date!! oh Please Mr. Corner, I guess that we deserve a little place on your tour!! Im very tired of are waiting for something that maybe wont happens in a future_!! and that is the reason that Im writing this!!! you are supporting me for you music, is fantastic and I have no words for describe how it feels!! but please just one date and Im back to my last point!!1 Ill support you as soon as I can!!! and I promisse to have all yous albums and something else!! you bond the pain!!! but please give us a chance!!
    with all my best wishes for you!!


    […] Volatile Times release […]

  85. Michael Says:

    great album pre-ordered it on amzn and the luvely people had it at my desk at noon fab :-)

    agree what you said about illegal download art can not be given away for free, as it s the (in most cases) only income an artist has, like everyone there are bills to be paid anyhow

    great album, luv the lyrics especially, and look forward to the two concert nights i bough tickets for :-)

    take care everyone

  86. Rowan R Says:

    We have to buy the album and go to shows!
    It was alarming the album was leaked again and I couldnt hold the curiosity. Really it seems like a vindictive act committed by someone who does not quite fathom IAMX but it will not cheapen the art.
    Please try using an encrypted website when sharing the content early for future releases, only give out passwords and links to those you want to share the album with early. No physical copies until release date!
    As a way to generate revenue, you should Skype your live shows or similar, on a subscription basis. Ill happily get a camera and follow you around.
    And NO CAPS LOCK is lovely.
    We salute you Christopher!

  87. ultranaut Says:

    I can not believe how incredible this album is. Opening with I Salute Christopher kind of threw me off kilter the very first listen, but from there it was nothing but awesomeness. Ive been blasting the album non-stop since I downloaded it a bottle of wine ago, its still more amazing each time.

    Chris, you are one of the great lyrical and musical geniuses of these volatile times. When you come to my corner of America, drinks, or dinner, or whatever, its on me.

  88. ultranaut Says:

    A note to people critical of downloading pirate copies:
    If you pay for the album but download it from pirates instead of iamx servers you increase the profit Chris makes. Bandwidth does cost money. I dont feel any guilt pirating shit from assholes, or for downloading music I love (or for sharing music I love if I think it will create a new fan).
    The moral question isnt how a copy is distributed, its how does the creator get compensated. I dont care how I get the music, so long as my money gets to the musicians who need and deserve it.

  89. Ventris Says:

    I wish I had not bothered pre-ordering from IAMX boutique. Still no CD , now I wont have it until at least Monday. I refuse to download it. I wont be using that boutique again.

  90. Ventris Says:

    oh yeah, first they sent an email saying it was posted out before the 18th and it was all down to the post from there. Then I got another email confirming it had been posted yesterday evening.

  91. Cat Says:

    It seems I was way too optimistic in my first post. People will just take if they can; ironically fans without a sense of loyalty. Isnt restraint the definiton of maturity or something along those lines? As with anything relying on the goodwill of others is futile and I know you know this but I do think there are creative ways around this. Some fans have offered these ways so I think its time to listen. Theyre creating demands that they would pay money for you to provide. One example is a decent live DVD, Im pretty sure at least everyone whos posted on here would buy one. IAMX is amazing live and all the fuzzy, distorted live footage we have to trawl through on youtube dont do it justice. Im not pretending to know better or be a you should do this person, its just observations from reading these posts. I really do think the key lies in more interaction with the fans in terms of ideas and communication. If these things are possible, which I dont know if they are, then do them.

  92. Julia Says:

    ok i will waiti just cant press download torrentyou are very convincing:) see you in Warsaw X..:)

  93. Ventris Says:

    Well I paid for the album and I dont have it. Those that have not paid have it already.
    Maybe this is why people download?

  94. Anastasia Says:

    This was very convincing indeed. I bet nobody considered downloading from this point of view before this post:)
    But I dont think downloading before release means disrespect directly. Vice versa this rather shows dedication and great impatience just because fans cant live a day more without favourite music. Im sure nobody meant bad. The music is just awesome and thus everyone wants to get it by all means as quickly as possible.
    Moreover, not all of us have a possibility to buy the CD in stores, many also do not trust online purchasing

    However, the feelings of the artist are understandable, as great work should be paid correspondingly. Let us just hope this situation will not influence the creativity of IAMX very much.

    P.S. Dear Cristopher, thank you so much for your existence! We are looking forward to see your band here, in Lviv.

  95. Anastasia Says:

    This was very convincing indeed. I bet nobody considered downloading from this point of view before this post:)
    But I don’t think downloading before release means disrespect directly. Vice versa – this rather shows dedication and great impatience just because fans can’t live a day more without favourite music. I’m sure nobody meant bad. The music is just awesome and thus everyone wants to get it by all means as quickly as possible.
    Moreover, not all of us have a possibility to buy the CD in stores, many also do not trust online purchasing…

    However, the feelings of the artist are understandable, as great work should be paid correspondingly. Let us just hope this situation will not influence the creativity of IAMX very much.

    P.S. Dear Cristopher, thank you so much for your existence! We are looking forward to see your band here, in Lviv.

  96. bicio Says:

    caro Chris complimenti! VOLATILE TIMES é un capolavoro!non ho altre parole per descriverlo!BRAVISSIMO come sempre mi regali delle gioie!con gli SNEAKER PIMPS mi hai conqustatoe da allora non posso piu fare a meno della tua musica delle parole che scrivi e della tua voce.ti prego non fermarti mai!BICIO

  97. Leverett Says:

    I pre-ordered the Digital Deluxe Edition, and since Im in America, it still has a week of shipping to go through so I bought the album digitally, too, so I could listen to Avalanches and imbibe the lyrics insert. I couldnt stand the thought of having to wait a moment longer, the instant I realized I was expecting instant fix! You are such a drug, Chris, and my dearest patron saint. I dont think I could survive this world without knowing such an impassioned and emotional artist exists as you, and every album reassures me that a soulful fury such as yours does not die easily. Red really suits you.

    I admit to downloading *any* leaks as I find thembut I always buy the CD. I just cant stand waiting for my fix. sdfdslfshslkh My addictions gotten that much worse now, that I technically bought VT *twice.* I just wish I had more funds to divert your way. Your art is one of the only left worth supporting in this god shit of a world anymore.

    I missed seeing you in Dallas, TX, in 09, and it still kills me that I missed that opportunity to experience your art live. I really, really hope you can manage to make arrangements *somewhere* in the US, at least, because I can hardly be humble about how big a fan of you I am. Ive essentially *stalked* you since 05. Those I live with are tired of hearing me gush about your art. I immerse myself in rituals of sequins and gaffer tape daily. Ive composed sonnets of your art, attempted designing sacred geometry to approximate how much I idolize you. You are the most beautiful soul in the world, both in art and in body. I need you in this world, want you in this world Your religion is all I that need.

    This album is a new high for you. I positively cannot wait to see how those teasers pan out into videos for Bernadette and Commanded by Voices. You *are* Fellini and Chopin, an impassioned and eccentric visionary in a world gone to shit. I embrace the dystopia of the sexual deaths you and your art evoke.

    And this comment insists upon itself to end on this: If the musics loud enough, we wont hear the world falling apart! Im an absolute audiophile, and losing my hearing would be losing my life. If I ever go deaf, I want the last thing my ears experience to be the pipethrashing headphonefuck of Music People.

    Much love and well wishes

  98. ghada Says:

    Mar7aba Chris,
    أحببت الألبوم
    and was that an Arabic writing on walls in Utopia ved? :D

  99. Elle Says:

    Thank you for making such lovely music. I have a sort of list of artists whose work I support with money, selected by merit of independence and talent. Youre high on that list. And thank you for offering the option of FLAC files!

    Please come to Chicago again at your earliest convenience. And please leave room on the stage for a cabaret kick line during Into Asylum and Bernadette.

  100. amorphiasy Says:

    Thnaks for your words Christopher, youre a complete and complex artist. I never heard an artist so close to what I want to make music ..
    yes, push people to think ..

    I really look forward to seeing you in Paris, I knew you from Kiss and Swallow, and this is the first time I see you

    love u more than i can say..

  101. Ashley Says:

    I pre ordered the cd but still have not gotten it, so I decided to buy it through download as well! I just could not wait!! The cd is INCREDIBLE and I wish I could buy a million more to help you out! I respect you greatly for not being suckered in by those fake industry fucks! You are such a huge inspiration and I will be a true, loyal fan forever!<3<3 XOXO

  102. Amorphiasy Says:

    I just buy Flac versions .. its clear that the sound is completely different! <3
    The Booklet is beautiful, I also love all annotaions there after all the song lyrics .. tears .. desperation, nostalgia
    I also love the dedication, I recognize myself in it .. well

  103. Jasmine Says:

    so here I am again and the postman brought me my Volatile Times copy earlier.. what a nice surprise. just perfect for today,spring begin.
    first I have to say that I totally love the whole artwork. the cover,the booklet.. it leaves a lot of space to think and its really creative.
    and the album itself . where to start? well, I think its your best so far! no exaggerating,no lying. seems like you get better and better. and I thought its impossible to get better after KOWA. my favourite on the album is Commanded By Voices. the lyrics and the background vocals are stunning. already fell in love when I heart it at the Austrian shows.
    I can only say congratulations for being such an artist. a real artist,not like most of the artists nowadays. most of them dont have a personality at all.
    so its always quite nice to hear some with meaning.

    And back to the Austria gigs once again.
    Ive been to all of them and I think you really cast a spell on me in Salzburg.
    you looked at me with your haunting eyes ..or maybe it was just my imagination. but something happened that night,seriously..
    anyway. see you in Munich and once again thank you for the music.
    I do appreciate it. feel good. x

  104. Mur Says:

    Chris, come to Saint-Petersburg,PLEASE!!!!

  105. Piotr Says:

    Dear Mr. Corner,

    we bought the album, and I think it was worth the money.

    Even if it was not, one should never suck others dry for free. Although I do not think, you will get rich with your art (but I wish you the best), you surely deserve my money for Vorleistung. Do the British have a word for that?

    Go on, go on, go on.


  106. Sammi Doll Says:

    I bought the album when it released at midnight through the store <3

    thank you for continuing to share your beautiful thoughts and melodies with us.

    its inspiring to know theres an artist of substance still out there. beautiful work.

  107. Marta Says:

    Ive just received a LP and I cant find proper words maybe only these: anything doesnt matter when I can listen to this outstanding album. Great, great job. Thank you for this album, Chris. Chapeau bas!

  108. AM Says:

    Illegal downloads Blah blah blah. Why not shut up and start singing and recording. Oh, I have ordered the album the limited edition. Thats the way to go! But its not turn up MusicNonStop.

  109. Blushing_violet Says:

    Hallo Chris, thank you for the wonderfull new album, I didnt download, I ordered from your website, waited not very patiently in anticipation, when it arrived I unwrapped my present and sat in the garden reading the lyrics and the little comments, admired the art work, then I played it under headphones so I could hear every note, what can I say, beautiful music that has enriched my life, I expect nothing less from you. I would never download without paying for any artist, I love my music and I want to make sure all the musicians I love have the funds to carry on for as long as they want to , thank you again lovely Chris xx

  110. ank Says:

    you re a fukin genius

  111. Dylan Says:

    Martin Templeton. Imogen Heap got a larger fanbase because her sound appeals to a larger number of people and because of a little well-placed publicity. The video blogs and the fan interaction is very nice, but thats not WHY she has more fans. That does, however, create more dedicated fans (your philosophical download deterrent). This is why I backed up your suggestion for more fan interaction and further specified what would make me happy. As for your continual harping on the aloof attitude Chris has with his fans, that is a personal judgment not shared by too many. I hope you read this at some point, but I have the feeling you wont. I tried anyway.

  112. Teresa Says:

    I am buying Volatile Times as soon as I can afford it! Sadly enough I did download it but I only did so knowing I was going to actually purchase a copy. I do support the Artists so they can continue to create and distribute more music that I and everyone on this forum can love and appreciate. Keep up the great work IAMX! The album is AMAZING! I hope you make it out my way in the US (preferrably Minnesota). Id travel to any state to see you guys though!

  113. Arina Says:

    Greetings from Ukraine.
    It is an improbable album!!!!
    Thanks you Christopher and your group! I waited for this album with the big impatience, and now with even big impatience I wait for your performance in Lviv. I feel simply inexpressible feelings when I listen this album.

    Thanks that you have arrived on 22 of May 2010 to Lviv, this day you have pierced my heart with the songs and have taken away it with yourself for ever.

  114. jose Says:

    please come to MEXICO dont forget us

  115. Denise Ruby Says:

    I loved your psychotic previous blog post. :p
    Youre not psychotic you are wonderful.

    That said, Im very much looking forward to hearing your new album in its entirety. I purchased the Ghosts of Utopia digital downloadable single and like all of your music, it resonates with my heart + soul. I am also very fond of the free download you provided via your Facebook page for the Fire and Whispers track.

    I was turned onto IAMX when a friend gave me a burnt disc of your Kiss + Swallow album back in 2005 or 2006. I shamelessly listened to it for years and years, but eventually purchased the album, as well as all of your other albums. Ill never steal from you again. <3

  116. Amanda Says:

    Hi Chris

    I am very excited for Volatile Times. As soon as I find it Ill buy it.

    But right now also Im rather sad because today, as Im writing this, youre holding a concert in Stockholm. I had planned before that I would go but now see that I am far too young and I have no parent to bring with me.
    Therefore I hope that my love for you and your music will last long and that you will continue creating art like this, so that I will have the posibility to come and see you in the future :)

    Take care


  117. marc Says:

    i have bought the album. I have downloaded before from torrent but have always bought the original also. its just easier to download than convert over.

    new album has some great moments but not my fav iamx album to date (alternative is). not gonna say anything aweful cos nothing aweful to say.. i dont wanna hurt anyones feelings and still love your sound. I love your vocals and they seemed to have become a little lost to sound on this but hay. your an artist and can do what ever the f you like. I do wanna see you guy in UK so hopefully this will happen. Im still lestening regardless. much love and total respect Munki xxxxx

  118. mads Says:

    its just easier to download than convert over.

    I am intrigued by that satement. How come it be easier??

  119. Anne Says:

    just a short note to say thank you for your talent and your love for your fans, thats really important for me to realise you can keep in touch with us by means of your musicI hope you will see the message as theres no other way for me to express my thoughts and feelings apart from leaving messages here. Pity. I wish I could say it all to you personally.
    Love you much,
    Anne xxx

  120. Anne Says:

    by the way, will you ever ever ever come to Siberia, eh?
    dont know what to do if you dont 🙁
    really want to see you live

  121. Lenni Says:

    You are wealthy in a different and important way.

    I love that you are still keeping the same sound as ever on the new record (which I purchased) LOVE.

    Much love from Australia X

  122. MX Says:

    I have all IAMX cds. I like my collection. After listening to every disc, Im full of ideas, and Im composing my own songs.

    All the best for you, Chris. Im looking forward to see you in Warsaw.

  123. Stephan Says:

    Hi Chris!

    I just want to say thank u 4 your last Album that i bought at my record store.this is a Great Piece of Musici Hope that we will get a new Studio Project very sooni know im INSATIABLE!

    Peace & May u Live 2 see The DAWN!!


  124. mi Says:

    hello chris –

    i unfortunately had no idea your music was in existence. i didnt realize youd done something after the sneaker pimps. my friend burned two of your cds for me so i could experience your music.
    i was immediately enthralled and in awe. i purchased the third cd through itunes and purchased volatile times through your website. after i complete this post i will order the hard copies of all your cds through the boutique.

    i understand that for you to continue to release your work, you need the support of your fans. and in this case, if it werent for an illegal copy of your music i would have continued to be ignorant of your genius. so im doing my part to repay you for the joy and inspiration your music has given me.

    also i have put your cds on heavy rotation in my coffee house, in hopes that i can share your music with other people and they in turn can support you by buying your cds.

    thanks again for the music and artistry.


  125. Julia Says:

    I bought it yesterday as i promised and ohh Chris thank You thank You!! i was so scared that it will very electronic after hearing ghosts of utopia and thank YOU its not! even ghosts sound different:) im very impressed how much this album is yours from words, music to covermaybe thats why its so fucking beautiful, well im coming back to my asylum and still IAMslaveofX.

    ps.my counter says thats 7 days 5 hours and 35 minutes till i can experinece You i warsaw;)see You X.

  126. Tash Says:

    Hi Chris,

    The album is amazing of course, it goes without saying really. I have had a look at your tour-dates but there arent any in the UK. Will you be coming over (please tell me I havent missed you coming over here!) this year?


  127. Vanessa Says:

    Hello Chris,

    I attended your show in Paris last Thursday, and I just wanted to congratulate you : it was really awesome, especially knowing that you had been ill just before.
    You gave us your best (and so did the people on stage with you), I therefore hope I will see you again some day. In the meantime, I will listen to your great albums again and again.

    Much love to you and I wish you all the best !

  128. Gill Says:

    Usually, my Birthday tradition is to attend one of your London shows around the date. With a lack of UK dates thus far this year and an earlier trip to Prague to see you debut the new material,my wonderful gift instead was the release of Volatile Times , although it arrived a little late,due to paypal complications. I had thrown in some other cheeky items with my order too and am reaping the benefits now. So, with your beautiful sound filling my ears, adorned with a vison of you morphing into a serpent,I raise a glass of your delicious 2007 red to you and wish you a speedy recovery. And come back to England ASAP!,or I shall be forced to globetrote towards you again! x

  129. Ash Says:

    I just got the LP in the mail the other day, it was a bit of a wait between stocking trouble and shipping overseas, but I wouldve gladly waited twice as long if I had to.

    Its my first LP, I dont even own a turntable yet so the bonus track will have to wait until I acquire one. I could listen to it somewhere online but why spoil the excitement? Ive listened to the other 11 songs off of the CD however, and I just want to say its wonderful. Youre wonderful and you have a beautiful mind. Thank you for sharing it with the world.

    I hope that I can see you in the states soon. Boston misses you.

  130. fox Says:

    As many persons before me,I have downloaded VT.

    Why? For a question of money? For a question of stealing something?..In my situation,noI have money enough to buy any LP I want, but I have been stolen so many times before, purchasing records which werent up to the hope i had placed in it.And by consequences, in my opinion, its a form of stealing because Ill never be in grade to ask any repayment for this mistake.
    If im downloading, it doesnt mean that i dont purchase albums, but for me, its a form of security.I want to be sure that I wont mistaking anymore..
    The relation between a fan and a artist is essential, because of the trust the fan places in the artist. An artist is nothing without fans, and fans love the artist because he/she brings something new,emotive,personal and intimate. At least this is the way I see it, and it explains my behavour. Buying an LP, for me, is coming in a new world, a new spirit,and a new relationship (even if its not real per se!!).
    If i can enter, if i feel right with it, i will buy the LP.
    In your case, as I live in France, I didnt know you before this LP (founded in the web!!! can you see the irony?), and I must confess that I have been flooded with joy and thousand other emotions, i thought I had lost for everThis is th reason why, I will purchase your LP: Because of your work, because of the honesty, the originality, the ability of mixing and arrange chords and keybords, like the most great stars of the genre. Your are very talented Chris, and not only from the outside, but also by in the inside (your soul!), keep going!!! Youve persuaded me to believe in you.

  131. fox Says:

    oh! just something else.when do you think, we will have the honour to see you in France?

  132. Laura Palmer Says:

    Thanks for the music & inspiration. I dont believe that people deserve art for free (unless the artist can genuinely afford to give it away) but I am guilty of illegally downloading all of your albums. I know in terms of supporting a great artist as yourself, it is a bad thing to do, and I do not want to justify piracy, only shine a light on it. Yes, the majority of people that download music for free are parasites that are probably too lazy and ignorant to purchase the album, but there are also the fans that cannot always purchase physical albums (due to financial reasons or otherwise) and are tempted to download; such as in my case. I do not want to be preached to however on this, since I shall buy the albums when I can. I always buy CD albums of artists I support when I have the money. I know we live in a twisted fucked up corporate world that spits on true artists and what they contribute to society. I am sorry if you feel stabbed in the back by fans that cannot pay and choose to download instead. I sincerely wish the IAMX website had a DONATE button for its fans. I would donate money for all the albums I downloaded in a heartbeat. It takes a lot of courage to admit ones own faults, and I admire Rowans to pay you back. Since I live in California, its hard to find your albums at a record store (the ones that are still left) but I do hope you come tour here soon.

    Yours Truly,
    Another Sinner

  133. Satsu Says:

    Oi. Some people dosent buy till they hear. Sucks too. Ill get copy of welcome addiction one. I rather to buy this one. Than Ill try all. But how big are pockets and pockets? Ignorance is not cash. Times sucks. Cause net is free space. I know how you feel. Is yours. From deepest you. You own it every piece of voice. Downloading is terribly easy. Takes about 4-5 minutes. You convinced me to pay for your art. Btw I wrote you something at myspace. Shame you wont write hello back. Is so creepy, to receive silence even though being one of couple thousands. I really need hello from ya. Because I care. I dont listen, admire, and go home. I care. And de fak I would give some blood. Maybe I just like to bleed. Is? No. I like to have heart. Youre keeping the spirit. Dont let it bring you down.

  134. Your Stalker Says:

    http://youtu.be/qMjIGFPikuo [found it, liek it? relax at the stage. always. kha boom. – Your Stalker]

  135. MikeyP Says:

    A message to anyone who hasnt bought IAMX albums If youve just downloaded this without paying, youre killing independent music and in essence promoting mediocrity and destroying bands like IAMX. Youre also missing out on a major element of what makes this work beautiful The new album cover is a work of art in itself. Beautifully packaged, gorgeous photographs, lyrics with beautifully laid out typography. All this adds to the overall feeling of the what youre listening to. Please, if you love IAMX and maybe cant buy the album in your local music shop (in my case, Liverpool), just buy it online (in my case from http://www.grooves-inc.com/ ). I like to think Im one of the people Chris refers to as his beautiful friends. Ive done my bit and also got a little piece of gorgeousness that I can treasure.


  136. Warumono Akira Says:

    MikeyP Is not about cover album, neither photo package, neither CD in your hands itself, what you feel the music by. What about all computer junkies that Loves the files set, and pretty folders downloaded, as their tresured piece of music collection. Yes, it kills the musicians slowly, and is kinda bad. But is not to be someones beautiful friend, with not getting how much same music and artist downloaded or not is getting to the heart, even as piece of scratch at someones shitty CD recorded and singed by marker at dusted shelf full of movies from torrents. I got knew IAMX by advise, than at 3D chat music mix. Piracy have let me to fall in love with full heart admire, become a fan, press a knife to my cheek when I missed the Warsaw and live, breathing Chris lost from my eyes for next year or two, so fucking sad way, and than I realized I really want to buy all the CDs i can, though I hate to have, use, and even hold a same CD, cause it makes me nervous, but if this is his, and theirs, for what they do, I will pay for all legaly, not for getting it, but to make that gesture from just wanting. Now, when I know a new artist sometimes, listening to full of his done, and I know is real piece of crap, I take and throw away, fastly forgetting what I saw. IAMX is pulling attention that much, I cant pass aside, and I cant leave such piece of stuff as folder. But the point is, nicey buying of anything cause had good opinion or is trendy misses all ways. People are beautiful friends are ones are letting him keep the beauty every way and form, not just shining CD record plate. As computer junkie I still want to buy his Cds. Mikey seem to miss the spirit some way. Kha boom. Let us register at boutique, here: http://www.boutiqueiamx.eu/ [me ish done with that] People that can, just dont leave it downloaded way.

  137. Eva Says:

    If you dont like something in this world, start changings with yourself. Dont blame others. All you problems are your fault.

  138. Andru Aesthetik Says:

    Ill admit Ive downloaded your last three albums off the net, but as an atheist & science loving musician myself, upon hearing your outspoken show of support for Christopher Hitchens and therefore your ever more bold willingness to be associated with what he represents and stands for I was moved to show my gratitude and admiration by purchasing a copy of the album as well.

  139. stephan Says:

    I have a question for u Chris or someone who can give me the answer:

    In the beautifull song Oh Beautifull town we heard several relatives to C.Corner in the intro, id like 2 know if the grandfather of C.Corner Maurice Bertier aka Gappy is FRENCH or French in part.if this is the case.this means that C.Corner is a little bit french too..and as a French i will be proud of that!!

    Thanx 4 the reply

  140. Cheryl Says:

    Chris, love your music. Innovative, creative, brilliant. Keep makin new stuffI will buy it all :)

  141. Kika Says:

    For all of youyour concert in Bratislava was awesome! :) .I want to thank Noel for his kiss on my cheek :) and I send you one from me :*please could you reply on my e-mail how you came home from your tour..if you are okay or something :) thank youbyyyyyye ;)

  142. Kika Says:

    I switched names.not Noel But Alberto :) I´m sorry.hi

  143. Giselle Says:

    Well, i from Argentina :( and its sad, i cant get here the album but its ok i understand you in the way that have a independent label

    sorry if my english is bad

    pre order here an album from Europe is very very veeery expensive :(
    but i want to see IAMX at live, it should be amazing

    do you wanna come here to play for a few people? haha, its a joke

  144. Yaasy Says:

    hello Chris.
    i really dont know what to say when i see u or listen to ur music . im addict ! im addict to u ! to ur music. to ur words.
    i feel numb when i listen them .
    u enchant me .
    i try not to see or hear u somtimes just because i cant bear how much i need and love you ! can u believe it ?!
    im very happy because of GOU. and that u used the persian alphabet . im Iranian by the way .
    i really wanna know if u can speak persian a bit ?

  145. Neverland Says:

    God is not great but youre going to continue to do good deeds and well want to turn the lights on in this volatile times

  146. n/a Says:

    Ive read it all. This wholething you are writing.
    You should write more often. Maybe instead of watching the damn TV you despise so much. It only dumbs people down. Writing is good, writing liberates the soul. If there is such a thing.

  147. PetiteFleur17 Says:


    I discovered your universe last year with my boyfriend, and i can say that you are a genius so sensitive and more
    (oups my english is bad)
    VOLATILE TIMES is great, my son (6 years old) loves to sing COMMANDED BY VOICES with me and MUSIC PEOPLE, COLD RED LIGHT to I SALUTE YOU CHRISTOPHER : i sing alone.
    I tell you my lifepffff
    Bref, vous êtes extraordinaire, votre sensibilité nous touche énormément.
    Notre plus grand regret avec mon ami et davoir acheté les billets pour votre concert à PARIS et ne pas avoir pu y aller au dernier moment. Aaaaaaarrrrrggggghhhhhh.
    Continuez ainsi, mais venez plus souvent en France !!!

    So good luck

  148. ittanylashay Says:

    Thank you.

  149. Nana Says:

    From Russia with love

  150. Ana Says:

    Although Ive started listening to Iamx at the beginning of this year, they have become one of my favorite artists. Chris Corner is a special man, and there arent enough words to describe him.
    I recently saw him in concert in Romania on 4 June this yearand again I have no words to describe his performance.

    His music is hard to digest for most people, and that makes it even more special

    Keep up the good work!

  151. Vanessa Says:

    Hello Chris !

    I am glad and proud to say that I will see you again in Paris in October, and I am looking forward to it (I will be coming from Strasbourg, youre really worth it) !

    I dont know if the show is gonna be exactly the same as in April, but I would like to make one request, on my behalf and that of a friend : could you please sing I am terrified ? We just adore it, it is so very beautiful !

    Anyway, I am sure we will love the show as we did before.
    I hope youll have a good time with the tour, much love,

  152. Julianna Says:

    Chris, words cant make manifest how much it would mean to me to see you perform here in the U.S. Im tempted to just to drop the $$$ to fly to Europe, in all honesty.

    Whatever ~I~ as an American fan can do to facilitate your trip across-the-pond, Ill do obligingly

    With Love,


  153. Elena Addams Says:

    Volatile Times is an excellent work. You must trust us, because yes, we are close to your heart! I have spend my most fascinating times listening to your songs. You really cure my heart, my soul and my mind. keep working and make concerts <3

  154. Akira Says:

    Left you poo at previous note.

  155. The Alice Says:

    its funny cause we look like the same person in some pictures.
    you know some angles with some intentions we express similar ideas.
    id like to meet you someday. just to talk.
    and i had the chance a few years ago, i was in san francisco when you played the Great American Music Hall. and i loved it. i was right in front, was offered an opportunity to go back stage and meet you, but i didnt want to. it wasnt the time.
    i think eventually we will cross eachothers paths regardless. you have influenced my art, i hope only one day i might see you as you are.
    my influence on you is nothing, but perhaps if we were to know eachother as people, something might bloom from both of our creative instances.. id like that very much; i can only dream for such. but if you ever come to america again, the usa of blasphemy, please contact me. id like to give you a time, at least an exposure to the counterculture, if not something more beautiful and sublime all natural.

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16 Responses to The IAMX Noise Cabinet

  1. Nathan Says:

    Offer the new mixes for download.

  2. Mari Says:

    Agreed with Nathan. Can you provide anything for those who are interested but cant attend? Maybe web-broadcasting, maybe stream, maybe download?

  3. Susanne Says:

    I am so exited to see you in Prague, words cant describe. It will be the first show I will be able to attend, I wish I had a Dr Who-like box to travel in time with.

    May your world conquering plans work out.

  4. Lee Says:

    Im sure that ALL iamx enthusiasts are interested in hearing what you have done with the songs for Noise Cabinet. I bet most of us are even incredibly excited about it :] a dvd of the performance would be fab, please consider this. It would be so much more pleasurable for us to buy such a dvd from the iamx boutique instead of watching poor quality uploads on youtube (though we will take what we can get, if were unable to be there, of course!)
    Otherwise Im with the others on downloadable versions of the songs!
    have fun!

  5. Yaasy Says:

    Hi Chris.
    I really happy to hear that .
    I agree with Lee . we all are very intrested in everything you do .
    and IM sure that you do your best like always and its amazing.
    why insomniac programming overworked psychosis ?! :)
    please take care of yourself!! we all want you for all our life !! ;)
    and I’m with the others on downloadable versions of the songs too .

  6. CJP Says:

    Your patient and noise-starved fans in Canada would be ever so grateful for a download of these. And for a wee concert or two say, in Montreal. Montreal would embrace you, osmose you, host you like an unabsorbed twin. Come to Canada. Le meilleur pays du monde.

  7. M Fitzsimmons Says:

    Us innocent ones over here in the U.S. of A(ssholes) who are forced to suffer the foolish Ghosts of Utopia who run this country read: Mean, selfish, greedy, wallet anxious, God licking, life-hating, soul-sucking, penny-pinching, whiny ass, flag-eating conservatives would love to see a major tour here again. Your 5 mini-date tour was a real penis-shrinker for the states that missed out. Im from Minnesota but saw you in Colorado in 2007 ( you played First Avenue the night before ) in a jaw-dropping performance that was freakin existential . Im still talking about it!

    Peace and Love in the dance hall to the IAMX crew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hunter S. Thompson

  8. M. Fitzsimmons Says:

    Oh. One more thing.
    Yeah, a live feed or a dvd of Noise Cabinet would be Superfineawesomegreat!

  9. Rozy Says:

    wow! Im so excited!
    I heard your remixes before.they are all really great!!!!
    i like to listen them . its worthwhile !

    your fans and everyone listen to your music are proud of your talent and your music!

  10. Dylan Says:

    YES! DOWNLOADABLE! DOWNLOOOOOOOADABLE! It will earn you much needed money because myself and every other IAMX-smitten obsessor will buy them. So make them downloadable!

  11. Dylan Says:

    Just thought you perhaps needed persuasion.

  12. Rain Says:

    I hope they will be good.
    I know youre an artist that can set music to ear perfectly.
    Hope you made it this time too.
    Show them to all of us one day.

    Dont work too hard when youre tired tho
    Remember that every working person needs to feed its brain and body.

    Love you.

  13. Chardonnay Says:

    Oh, I really wanted to come but I had no money or company to travel with me. Shame. DVD would be so amazing just dreaming.

    And sorry, this has nothing to do with the blog post, I just need to say this – Im also gonna miss the gig in Prague cause getting the tickets seems impossible from abroad, even Visa didnt work. Ive tried my everything and more, people in Ticketstream tried their best but nothing just works and it makes me desperate.

    but if youll ever come to Helsinki again Ill promise to dance, enjoy and to lose myself into music even more than last time.

  14. Veritas Says:

    I cant wait to hear these songs. Ive been a huge fan of your music since the SP days, and everything Ive ever heard (which is everything youve ever released) is absolutely brilliant. I really hope that some day you come to the US, (Boston, MA to be specific) so I can come see you live. Youre the epitome of a true artist. Keep up the amazing work.

  15. Kristara Says:

    Hey Chris, I just wanted to thank you for all your music, and for giving me faith in the fact that artists can still exist, that they can still care about what they do. I am very impressed, and intend to do all I can to help. You also inspired me to talk about these same issues about which I am concerned on my blog- I honestly didnt think anyone would give a damn if I did, but seing all your followers, I realize that everyone is desperate for a little truth. Im a 14-year-old girl and I have more brains than a lot of my pathetic fellow Americans. Thanks for everything. :) Also, is it okay if I make a video for one of your songs? Non-profit, of course, just to scratch the proverbial IAMX artist itch. :P

  16. Mahir Says:

    Ankara concert was fuckin awesome!! Come again and again please. Thank you all specially the Roadie who gave me the pick of Chris

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63 Responses to MIND OVER MUSCLE

  1. No 1 important Says:

    You told me everything By saying nothing Martin L. Gore

  2. Archea Says:


    I dont know how to say this, really, but you literally saved my life a few days ago. I was going through a difficult time, and your music gave me everything that I needed. That violent, intense, passionwell, it made me want to stay in my own skin a bit longer. I needed to say thank you, thank you for being willing to drag all of these feelings out and create something so fucking beautiful with them.

    Your way with language is lovely, beyond lovely, actually. Reading this was both enlightening and inspiring. I feel this draws most verbose, so might I just say, please continue to create, and to share your thoughts in this fantastically raw display of humanity. Thank you, once again.


  3. Henry Says:

    Thank you thank you thank you Chris, especially for the last section. Seriously. Its always a gift seeing not only myself but others desperately fighting against windmills. I have to say that your 20% are very generous and optimistic, I wouldnt even give 5. But who knows.

    Apart from sharing my pleasure and euphoria after the reading, Id very much recommend you something. If youre back in Europe, get yourself a copy of Klaus Kinskis autobiography Ich brauche Liebe. I guess you know the guy, maybe hate him, but I always see some Kinski glimmering through your blog entries. I guess you would like it and its good for your German language skills, keep it on!

    – me

  4. A.S.R. Says:

    Thanks for words and the music to rock the majority my senses. I await a live show to touch and taste. Be well.

  5. nobody in particular Says:

    I think there is still going to be hope as long as there are people out there like you who are courageous enough to share thoughts like this with all of us who are either incapable of doing the same thing or simply too afraid to stare into the face of naked truth. it might not be much of a consolation, but you challenge me to think, about my actions, about my own fear, about my life. even if you dont care about that, you exude a fascinating and very inspiring creative power, making it a little easier for the average human being to hold on to life. please dont stop.

  6. Keshlin Kleiter Says:

    I just want to say: Thank you for all. Youre beautiful. Don*t stop, be with us. We love you.

  7. Denise Ruby Says:


  8. Liz Says:

    Honestly your words are completely incredible to read. I may be percieved as too youg to understand ir be able to relate wht you say to my life, but on an evening i spend hours reading your words and listening to your songs & the deeper meanings, an it will never bore me. I disagree wih the societys ideas of if its not in the charts, its not worth listening to completely. I do not listen to the charts, purely and simply because, as you say, tere is no meaning to the songs. Where as your music is some of the most mind blowing art i have ever heard. It gives me goosebumps. At the age of 15 i am shunned for not listening to the mindless dribble these people call music, the people that think life is about impressing the people around you, whereas i believe noone should give a shit what anyone thinks of them. Well, exept for royakty of course.

  9. Nichszy Corner Says:

    Oh, Chris .. I feel so fucking connected to you,
    Its a really a pleasure so intense read your understanding of the world and reality, the vanities of life, the road to our emptiness aware that we have options, options to resist SURVIVAL reality of the world
    Brutal people, referred to a heresy about people who understand concepts of humanism, Against Education (Religion, no offense) .. (Only in the absurd can one express and flow and enjoy pointlessness)

  10. Sioux Krause Says:

    Dearest Chris,
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts these words you share mean more to us than you can ever know.

    Your rage and disgust at banality and hollowness and medocrity it fuels you to create brilliant art and that brilliant art makes those of us who are suffocated by that banality and hollowness and medocrity able to breathe again some of us can only breathe when we listen to IAMX. Without you, I fear I would become an over-stimulated robot. There will always be more of them than there are of us. Thats why you are so vitally important to your fans. Your words above this is why your loyal and devoted fans love you, Chris. You are beautiful your authenticity and your imperfections are perfect to us. Ive seen an interview where you mention some fans just want to fuck you. I say that many of us just wish for the opportunity to sit and talk with you for a few hours. You stimulate our minds and our guts not just our genitals. The creation of art by the artist and the experience of art by the viewer/listener is catharsis. We need the plastic bullshit and the frustration and the disgust and the emptiness. Without it we would be complacent and we would not be curious. With nothing to change, we would not be inspired or passionate. You are a much needed catalyst for me. I thank you and encourage you to continue to share with us. There might be the occasional douchebag, but even the douchebag has thoughts. Welcome to the U.S., Chris we have been waiting for your arrival for too long weve been longing to show our love and support. xoxoxo

    We are lost, we are freaks, we are crippled, we are weak, we are the heirs, we are the true heirs to all the world. ~ New Model Army

  11. MissC Says:

    Dear Chris!

    what can i say more..?! DEFINITELY SOULMATES!
    how often do I know my answer to your thoughts again, it is stunning in serious, if somewhat frightening :) . THX a lot for all!!! Unfortunately there are only a few people who see the world as we do it. fuck mainstream!

    in deeply connected


  12. CJ Says:

    Ive been meaning to leave a comment on one of your entries. I wish I knew what to say, or to somehow comfort you. Sadly, there is no way to truly comfort you because your views of life and its insignificance are the views I also have. Remember that you arent alone. Everything you say are things Ive been saying for a long period of time; I feel as though, regardless of ever even speaking to each other, there is a thin connection between the two of us through our similar understanding of the universes strange mechanics and our feeling of wanting to consume ourselves into those mechanics, become one with the eternal assembly line that links events into small chains serving as arteries, leading to a pulsing, vile organ.
    I digress. Just keep in mind that there are others who feel the same, but overpowered the feeling by creating. Creating art like IAMX and the heart warmingly powerful and loyal fanbase that proceeds it. We love you.

  13. Merry Christmas « Sequinned Mannequin Says:

    […] I read this blog posted by Chris Corner of IAMX today, who aside from being a beautiful specimen of the human race […]

  14. Elena Loginova Says:

    Surely we can talk about it. Talk for no end. Be sarcastic and give this world the finger. I love doing it. I love being poisonous to this f*cked up world, and i dont bloody care. I am nice to those who are nice to me, and ugly to those who are ugly to me, because i refuse to be nice to their ugliness, neverending mediocrity and cowardly self-pity and finger pointing. Do i judge this world? Hell yes. Do i still hope things will get better? Heavens yes. They can still be pouring heavily photoshopped fabricated popstar liquids over us, the masses, but through doing so they heavily underestimate us. We are much smarter than we are being made to believe.
    Funny that what you described in your notes, ive experience during this same period. Thousands and thousands of pages in my journal and dream diaries are the silent witness to that. You are ok. You feel. You refuse to settle down for something that feels wrong.
    Just dont focus on this crap forever. It ages us too quickly. We still need power in abundance to redefine the meaning, reverse the perversions that we are fed, throw up all the nonsense that were getting injected via our minds.
    Hopelessness is an illusion. Do not go against the current : lead instead.

  15. Yunuén Says:

    Such intense, emotional words, thought and feelings.. how do you cope with so much going on in your head and heart?? I agree with most of your words, though, and whats most, as with your music, you make my feelings real, you bring to life all those thoughts i cant concrete All I can say is thank you, for everything that you share with us, for the cleansing, for the love, for the sex, for the invitation towards reflexion of being human, of being alive, i dont know you, but I love you for all this.

    Hope we can see you anytime soon in MÉXICO, now that youre in the States, ill allow myself to dream that you guys will pay us a quick visit, we love you madly, to bits, as only latinos can do.. And have a nice, cathartic time.
    Theres love, always.

  16. Darla Says:

    Come to OC !

  17. STACEYIAMX Says:



    NEVER ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LOVE YOU!!!

  18. Kate Says:

    HOORAH! Absolutely delighted youve made it over to our wastelands. Will be on a plane towards the setting sun if yall have any events planned. Dont forget it gets chilly at night and travel the highways in rush hour at your own risk of boredom. Avoid Orange County. It is there to connect the space between Los Angeles and San Diego and it is full of the privileged and deranged. Every beach is like LMFAOs Sexy and I Know It video. All of the cool art is in Culver City, and of course I found this out after I left. Disneyland is expensive and could fit in a Disneyworld parking lot, but if youre ever driving south, try to pass by Anaheim when theyre doing the fireworks show. Santa Barbara is quite lovely. Hope you lot have a great time! :)

  19. BlSister Says:

    Dear Chris,
    I agree with all your words.
    This world forcing us into a raw war but you are our leader (maybe a president too who knows) and I want to say thank you.
    Continue your work, your life
    the fucking blinded idiots do not matter.
    we will be with you until the very end

  20. Maja Says:

    Unfortunately, I have not the gift to put my thoughts in words, as you can. I can just feel my thoughts, but try to include them in my choices for my life. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

  21. Amy (New Zealand) Says:

    Dear Chris,

    Your words affect me in more ways than I can describe.. Both in your songs, and written here in this blog. I wont pretend to sympathise with every word, or even to understand it all, but it makes me think. My mind reels, and my heart feels it strongly.
    Your mind works in a most fascinating way, and every chance I get to have a glance at it feels like a special privilege to me.
    I will continue to listen, and to read, and to think, and to create, as you inspire me to.
    I have more hope for the world, when I remember that there are still people like you who exist.

    I just want you to know how much I appreciate you, and everything you are.

    All my love, Amy x

  22. Laura Says:

    Dear Chris,

    Since you mentioned Cioran, you should maybe try reading http://visniec.com/pages/cioranenglish.php#scene5 as well. Oh,the irony

    Wish you quiet Holidays!

  23. estíbaliz (bilbao) Says:

    hola, chris, tus palabras y tu música, me han dado la fuerza que necesitaba, solo hace 3, bueno ya casi 4 años que conocí tu música, y supongo que en el momento apropiado y cuando peor estaba, en mi vida he recibido palos pero el peor fue quedarme viuda, la música es algo que siempre he amado, por eso elegí estudiarla y al mismo tiempo que conocí la tuya empecé a practicarla de nuevo, ya que la dejé aparcada por u tiempo es algo que siempre me saca de los peores momentos, y ahora me siento bien, me siento bien cuando te escucho o cuando voy a ver alguno de tus conciertos, jamás había escuchado una voz tan preciosa, única, diferente, especial, al igual que tus canciones, te debo la vida pues me libraste de undirme .
    muchas gracias, espero que sigas así de bien y no cambies nunca.
    con amor y mucho cariño, Esti

  24. Sidrah Says:

    You describe your thoughts in such detail. It sounds like its pretty chaotic in your mind. I can relate but I cant explain my chaos as well as you explain yours.

    And you do make me laugh, especially the last bit about spotty fuckers with guitars. I agree with all youve put in Autumn.

    Keep writing, we love reading it :)

  25. synthetase Says:

    Your words always bring me joy. I must say that ever since I picked up that second hand import of Splinter in 00, I have waited anxiously for the next track with your voice on it. Ive subjected many others to your sound and vision.

    One of the memories that will stay with me forever is that of my first listen to KIss+Swallow, which coincided with a breakup. That night was likely one of the last bittersweet times we made love.

    I turn to your music to calm and center myself. Sometimes it just turns me on.

    I hope to see you play live again soon. Please dont lose your accent. I love it.
    As everyone else has said,
    Thank you.

  26. F. Says:

    I read English so slow. With dictionary, fainting with words. But I dо it.
    Sometimes its scary me: words, languages…
    I can’t even say something clear. But I want. I did. The dot

    Thank you for being. Despite the pain, darkness and light.
    It’s so… You so…
    …сan’t, I can’t. But I’m thinking about it on my own language, without words, without some marks.
    Oh, I am with me again. Goodbye. You.

  27. F. Says:


  28. J. Says:

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us
    I dont really know how to put in words how it makes me feel. It makes me feel depressed, because you are right. At the moment, its muscle over mind :/
    But there is some kind of hope, because there are people like you, like us (the readers of this) who still dare to think.
    And it comforts me in a way, because I feel quite alone in this plastic, fake world where nobody seems to think anymore..I know that somewhere out there are people who feel the same, even if Ill never be able to talk to them etc.

  29. J. Says:

    .. thered be a lot more Id like to say, but I just cant express it. So Ill just say Thank you again. Your music / your thoughts mean so much to me

  30. Sun_Sunovna Says:

    dearest Chris!!
    Its so pleasant to see new messages from you ))

    but.. but wait a minute! Is it seems to me or main mood of your letter is
    your tiredness? and dissapointness in some of your ideas?

    i understand you very well in that your opinion that it`s indeed difficult
    to be a person who are thinking, who are analysing, who are creating. Sure it
    is much more easier to be a TV-zombied, narrow-minded, ignorant,
    selfish and passive, but is this life? is this possible to you to live
    like that? i`m sure not! so we have to fight! even when sometimes seems that
    there is no sense in it too many blinde, deaf and mentally lazy people
    around but sense is always present!

    so, Chris, please don`t give up! you are fighter fighter for beauty, for art!
    this fucking stupid cruel world need such people as you!
    don`t be frustrated i beg you!

    thanks for everything you do for your music, lyrics, moods,
    words an so on and on)))) these things are really precious for us!
    and thanks for reading our comments it`s important to us to know that :)

    you are not alone!
    hugs and greets!


    ps: horatio caine C.S.I.? xD

  31. betty Says:

    Dearest Mr corner ,
    Gosh, what a text . Thanks for letting me take part of some your thoughts once again. Really really wonderful to read. As someone mentioned before , reading your lines gives me a courious ,somehow frightening , but wonderful feeling. Your are the only musician I know, with a mind that seems to me like a soul mate. This text confirmes me in the assumption, I already had creepy . But I love it. I could never put down my thoughts in words like you do- or okay, maybe I can, in my mother tongue *gg* Dont know. Anyway. Mr Corner,I wish you al the best for the next year! Thank you for being there for me and for all of us by your music. You have saved my live so many times. Must be creepy for you to read that.. but its true ;)
    In such disturbing times as they are now .. in a music-world that seems to be mainly ful of creepy-non thinking, stupid- people to me, it can be sometime just wonderful , to find songs and music writen and performed by a soulmate.

    Hope we can give you something back at least. through letting you know : there are loads of people out there, who do understand your thoughts and feelings and think the same,and you are also not alone with your mind and thoughts. Mr Corner, Its wonderful, that you ARE ..!! and what you give to us more than a present to me..
    Last but not least: I do hope you will find an appeasing answers to your questions.. the once you mentioned in your text.;)) also the funny ones .. and of course all others in your life and feel happy. Have a nice day, time , year

  32. Anna Says:

    Thank you for writing and pubishing this. Really. Ive appreciated you so much for so long. After this I appreciate you even more.
    I really cant even put my feelings into words right now.
    Your music has given me so much strenght lately. I cant thank you enough. I really cant. Just keep doing what you do. You are awesome.

    thank you. It breaks my heart when thats all I can say, when I know its not even nearly enough.

  33. Vera Says:

    “My discomfort comes from agreeing with Cioran on many points. How life is easier for the closed minded and the mediocre. More dumbly pleasurable for the idiots and bigots. How often people with fizzing intellectual anxiety and education end up suffering in the attempt to change the world and themselves. How humans need to be brought to the limit of experience in order to appreciate being alive.”

    Those words in particular ring a loud bell. It’s comforting in a way to see I’m not the only one troubled by such thoughts.

  34. Leni Says:

    thank you Chris. thank you for being yourself.

  35. K. Says:

    Dear Chris,

    thank you so much for those words. It`s pleasure to read them and to know that you don`t forget of us like we don`t forget of you. I wish you have a rest in LA and come back to us- to Europe- with much more energy and psychosis. Remember, we all all your fans- love you, we all support you and it would be like a killing and suicide in one if you left us.
    Reading your statements I think yes, he`s f*cking right,but also he seems to be f*cking unhappy with it. It makes me sad, because we- your fans- do what we can to make you happy and YOU CAN BE HAPPY! We support you every moment in our life. It`s hard to find another such a beautiful person like you. You are our asylum in this cruel world for small things. We know, and you know- life is not easy, life is brutal, people are brutal, and world is dirty. But you can`t give up. we can`t give up. We have to deal with it, beause in the great shipwreck of life we all fall down! Only such a beautiful beings like you can save this world from getting lost. And we are proud , because we`ve got you! We listen to your music and it helps us to survive in this brutal world with brutal people. Your music makes our life better, helps to think harder about existance and relationships. We are lucky! And you are lucky! You`re not rotten like them all! You are yourself! You mustn`t stop it!

    Today I was watching short video from one of your shows, and I just started to cry. It was shooted from backtage. I have never seen such a beautiful view. So many people and everybody is swaing left-right with music beats. It has to be incredibly feeling to perform and see something like that everytime! I fell in love with those people just when I saw them once and only one. Hence my tears

    And once again I will say- I hope you come back to Europe very soon- we miss you so much here. Especially I wish you make show in Poland, where I come from.

    (I`m sorry for my not the best english, but I hope you will understand a little ;) If not, please ask- I can make you undrestand :) (I am sitting with my dictionary right now and try to find the best words which can express my feelings- it`s not easy ;) , but it`s amazing to write to you here and also very nice from you when you read it)

    Much love

  36. Februum Says:

    On purpose to share your thoughts with non-English speakers I tried to translate the massage into Russian. This lead me into deep thinking and understanding every word wrote. The impression is dark and hollow as if I ran out of breath after a hard jogging dose. Still makes me adore that people with at least germ of lucidity in mind and yearn to protect them from infecting influences of other word. And I think your music is one that has the opportunity to do it.
    Thank you. Take care.

  37. Jamie Says:

    Very few people today have the ability to speak as poetically and deeply as you do and I appreciate it more than I can express. Thank you.

  38. Blanka Says:

    Not being a native English speaker, I always have difficulties reading your blogs. The language you use is rather poetry-like and complicated. But its not a bad thing, quite the opposite. I always take my time reading anything you share with us because I know itll be worth it. Such things like your music and blogs keep me going its great to know that there are actually people who THINK about the world they live in. Your attitude is very inspiring and without seeing you fight, I probably would have given up already. Thanks, thanks a lot.

  39. Sabine Says:


    Thanks a lot for those words Its as we were with you (a little bit) ;-)

    Take care <3

  40. Rayne Lew Says:

    Hahahaa!! Yeah I think its horrifying that people settle into mediocracy to fit into the norm, as if that is whats going to save their souls. Set on not shaking things up or challenging convention. Exemplifying a fake balance. FAKE balance that has completely disturbed the real balance of nature.
    What happened to respect for the dark night of the soul, the crone goddess of the Underworld? What an unhealthy relationship our society has with death and sex and women. Maybe once we see Her again, in her full serpentine power and not just as virgin mother (HAH!) of the male god, the world will once again be at peace. And we wont be so afraid of the wintry, yin aspects of our souls. Who needs war, rape, and violence when our awe-inspiring mother supplies enough death of her own free will?
    Well thats my lil rantalways great to read what you have going on in your noggin, Chris.

  41. Aubrella Says:

    Dear Chris,

    How long you have taken up residence between my ears and your words etched in my heart. For all your beautiful music and imagery and contagious passion, I thank you sincerely. Reading that you are in America, specifically Los Angeles is such great news. I hope that you find a sliver of hope in California this time.

    I had the lucky chance to see you live at the El Rey and it was a lot of what I had hoped for and more. Just being able to feel your energy and see you in person was a moment I will never forget, thank you for sharing that bit of yourself with us.

    Reading your blogs is another aspect of you that you choose to share with us, and with every blog post it becomes He is one of us and we feel connected it is such a beautiful way to connect to you. I hope you continue to write and I hope you continue to write in spite of the surrounding atmosphere of contemporary music and its lackluster.

    We are with you Chris, thanks for being with us.

  42. Nano Says:

    The vibration of the continent is already lighter. Welcome, welcome to these tenuously United States. May you find bliss in the city of (fallen) angels.

    I began a similar reclamation process about five years ago; your art facilitated it. I am dutybound to offer you quarter. God bless America. Lets set each other free.

  43. Amanda Says:

    I wish I lived in your brain. I wish the world was in you brain.

  44. Joselyn Says:

    This is so funny, my playlist is set on random and whenever I read your blog posts, they always go to your album <3.

    Anyway, wow, that was a lot to take in. Thank you so much Chris, for trusting us with your thoughts and emotions, it isnt an easy thing to do. Just trust out something from within yourself to a blank void of faceless people who call themselves your fans.

    Well, I think that you made a great choice since we adore you and care deeply about you, not just you as a musician but you as a person. Im glad that reading out past posts gave you a sense of hope and (temporarily?) broke your sense of isolation. It was really great and interesting you hear your thoughts on life and the place that intellectuals find themselves in, I agree. Again, I am glad that you find yourself in my home country of the United States (even though you are 8 hours away, sad face!) may this time be peaceful, although I do worry that you are in the heart of Hollywood and it isnt exactly the home of the best and brightest. Make sure to take some time to yourself and remind yourself that every part of the country is different, and what you see on “American” television isnt an accurate representation of what the majority of Americans think (although news programs claim that it is, well, I can tell you that it isnt).

    Cant wait to see if you come down to the East Coast! If you have a concert here, I will be investing in what you sell there! So, I hope that shirts and CDs will be sold there since they dont sell in this country :( (I asked FYI and Newbury Comics and both times the employees were sad that they werent carrying your latest album). Anyway, keeping you in my thoughts! With Love, Joselyn

  45. bridget Says:

    you have an amazing ability to get your thoughts into words.
    I personally cant do this, its all stuck in my head :(

    I was actually in Italy and Berlin in october and it broke my heart to know you were doing shows only short flights away but I had run out of money.

    So please please please come do a show in Perth, Australia. or even somewhere in Australia. Melbourne or Sydney maybe. I will try to come to you.
    This would would make me insanely happy.

    I love you so fucking much. I really do. it would kill me if something happened to you or you stopped making music.

  46. Chris Says:

    Enjoy your stay in the states. If your stay extends to the midwest (Colorado). Let me know.

  47. Delvallé Says:

    hello Chris
    Merci pour ses commentaires .
    Dans les paroles , dans la musique , je revois parfois mon passé , je suis dans mon présent , et je vis déjà mon futur .
    Le mélange de sensation diverse me fais vivre la vie dune façon différentes , plus grandiose , plus féerique , plus morbide , mais le tous sans mensonge .
    Jécoute pratiquement tous les jours tes paroles , tes rythmes , tes sensations .
    Je vis , tu vis , nous vivons

  48. Delvallé Says:

    Que tous ce passe pour le mieux pour ses fêtes et au plaisir de te retrouver en 2012 :-)

  49. Blushing_violet Says:

    dear Chris thank you for your written thoughts, its always nice to know there are others who think and feel the same, i am 51 and have always felt like you, having no talent to express this leaves me reliant on people like you to express it for me. There are other musicians out there like you though, not many but they are there doing their thing. For some reason something in your words reminds me of the late 70s when I used to read interviews with Penny Rimbaud from Crass. Luckily your music if far better!!! xx

  50. Elia Says:

    First of all, its a delight to read you again; seems like quite youve been through a very hard struggle, at least thats what popped out my mind as soon as I read the dreaded name Cioran (a long vanished partner of mine), one can only understand the disgust that the current music industry may bring ti you, though to be honest we can never know exactly what you as a creator and musician must feel, if someone like us the audience suffers to see whats hip (I mean ¬|¬ gaga FFS Klaus Nomi did that at least two decades before) but well, dont discourage yourself (stay away of Cioran and the likes) I know this is somehow lazy but I will quote something I wrote for yout FB page. (please dont think to harshly of me)

    I hope, actually I am sure that you will continue collecting all the success youve earned, we know you deserve a lot more recognition, but since music has been violently raped by mainstream sheiße that is going to be a lot more difficult. We will keep supporting you as long as you want us to. Love, from Mexicali, México.

  51. Amel Says:

    Hello Chris,

    Im so happy when you write here ! Your words are so precious, I think you always describe emotions the best way. Ypu know, these warm winter thoughts are like a hot chocolate in your hands. Sometimes, when I feel very bad and insecure in this world, I think about your song where you say in the in-between, you can be happy. Thank you and keep on writing, Saint Christopher of the truth

    A crying witch

  52. Cryzsteena Says:

    Beware of the so-called civilization you are dwelling in at the present. Dont let your minds get corrupted by the pretend to be poor, rich L.A. hipsters and glitz. There are few true music lovers in CA and most of them will be your fans; trust no one. Dont be naive, dont get sucked into the never-ending void of corruption and capitalism. Avoid being spat out by the conglomerates that pretend to fancy you. The little hipster moguls that pretend your cool to continue living in their fantasy world of coolness while mommy and daddy pay their bills and bully the real artists and hard workers. Beware of capitalist records store(s) in CA who have taken over the small stores that created true music followers. The giant stores that hook the bait with something that may appear tasty, then rip the insides out once attached. Nothing but time and energy wasted and satisfaction eliminated. Remember who you are, remember what corporation stands for what has been strived for since the beginning. Understand that the product of corporate standards are the people that you are surrounded by at this present time. Corruption is everywhere, most prominent in this city. Thanks for coming to L.A., I really cant wait to see you live, but I sincerely hope you guys are strong enough to resist the charlatans in this country, and although living from penny to penny may be hard, dignity should be the preferred route.
    You are pure, you are snow
    We are the useless sluts that they mould
    Rock n roll is our epiphany
    Culture, alienation, boredom, despair
    -Bradfield, Edwards, Jones, Moore

    P.S. Why do girls follow any spotty fucker that picks up a guitar? I am sure you have the answer for this, and hope you know better not to take advantage of these girls. There are reasons beyond this comment to explain the answer to this question. Loveless slavery.

  53. Andrea Says:

    life is easier for the closed minded and the mediocre > This is what I think and remark EVERY DAY. Happy new year to all of you and greetings from Austria.

  54. Amy Says:

    A friend introduced me to your music last year, wonderful stuff. Its not easy to put out unrefined writing, so thank you for sharing it. Im fond of Despair with a knowing wink. If every quark remembers me hasnt found its way into a song yet, it should someday. Ah, BASIC, we had no idea what was to come.

    I take issue with you lumping yourself with other musicians. There are not many generalizations that apply to all musicians, singers, performers, etc. Collapsing them together obscures most of the good and some of the awful.

    Cultural experiment aside, I hope youll make it out of L.A. for your own sanity. America is a peculiar place, but a diverse one. Most of it is more real and raw, if less sophisticated, than L.A. and other big cities. But then I also live in my personal outpost in the cultural distribution tails anywhere, and miss the anonymity of the big cities sometimes. Im one of the few TV-free Americans, but I am very thankful for the internet for connecting to like minds.

  55. Grace Gallagher Says:

    Self-loving, self-loathing. Pleasure-pain. Confidence and fear. Pretension and down to earth humility. And thinking. Always thinking too much. The burden of creativity.

    Thanks for sharing. I write with honesty, too. Perhaps one day people will connect with my words. You are amazing.

  56. I AM L.A. « The Velvet Onion Says:

    […] The arrival in L.A prompted Corner to publish a blog post of his unedited collection of thoughts from months and months back. A terrific read for any IAMX fan and anyone who likes to have their mind blown by words. You can read this blog right over here. […]

  57. Anonymus Says:


    Join your lepidoptera.
    <3 dickheart Your kind awaits you with love. Seriously.

    Their destiny was foreordained.

    Whatever man.



    Delete it.

  58. B Says:

    Dear Chris,

    I feel strange putting this out in the open where others can read it, but I suppose thats one of the blessings of anonymity on the Internet. Your words have resonated in me, a member of the LGBT community in a conservative-minded city in the U.S. and struggling artist and musician of sorts. Music and writing have always been my life and all I have. I am writing this to you sort of spontaneously because I was struck by your words, as I always am, and the torment that I read in them that reflects a lot of the things I feel in my daily life. New Years Eve marked the third anniversary of a suicide attempt on my part because of this sort of hopelessness from a lack of understanding of those around me and a lack of belonging. Ive found solace in far-away artists that I admire (like yourself), a sort of faith that there are others out there that I will some day be able to reach when the world is more at my disposal. I dont mean to assume the meaning behind your words, but they strike me with the same melancholy, my own drive to create that often inspires and cripples me in the same breath. The other night as I was reading your words I was struck with that same Sisyphean pointlessness. And I just wonder how it is that you manage the balance? I wonder if, in the next ten or so years, Ill be in the same place that I am now, as far as feeling emotionally and spiritually stifled with that constant clawing of something wanting to be free? I couldnt help but think back to many great artists who suffered and never really found happiness in their lives. Its a very heavy thought. I know its unlikely that you will ever read this, but if you do, at least know that your words give me the sense that I am not alone, and I am very grateful. Your music has been very inspiring and played a part in helping me continue on in the past several years, and hopefully will continue to do so. Thank you. xx

  59. Watts Says:

    from one chris to another
    thank you

  60. R.L. Says:

    Dear Mr. Misery,

    Again lining word after hateful, sardonic word? Well, here we go in a world filled with folly and sin – or so I heard Owen Meredith say. Too many thought escalations on typical English rainy afternoons leading to conceived sorrow, the loneliness, the void – oh, the putrefied mind of shallow conversations.
    Lining word after frantic, heavy word leads to one thing besides the essential satisfaction: hedonism. Hedonism screamed in the crowds, open mouths on distorted faces, the willingness to suck out the personality displayed in the illuminated, overly accentuated musician on stage; swallowing all the fear of letting go in resulting despairing words.
    And then the irony: bathing in the glory of this worship, the mindless and numb adoration that leads to comfort. To know, whatever pea lies under the mattress, oh dainty prince, we appreciate your frenzied ramblings, because we cannot resist the gleaming, glossy red candy apple, waving in front our faces.
    And we will continue to absorb your spitting and feelings, vomited in such a morbid grace, we have no choice but leaning back, wondering what genie will come next out of your musical bottle or our speakers, so to say. And we will continue to absorb your shows, to get caught in this whirlwind of passion and bass vibrations.
    Alas, we say, fuck you, carry on and spill your thoughts again, Mr. Misery.

  61. madeleine hatter/fugue satori Says:

    in seattle, beneath my downtown apartment windows, construction workers and drills, industrial pipes that conjure iron drum beats of 80s yore this noise goes rough-hard into my imaginary milieu sharp-molded for mothers womb.
    nothing is ever silent here, thank fuck. artists, artists like us, we cant take much silence. i take none. i bondage-trashed all shibari-to-the-heavens the idea that i could stand still in reverie & not instinctively set the room ablaze. heat. noise. this is where irradiation is the new manic-depressive anodyne. wanna stratos or wanna caterwaul?

    LA? you poor thing.

    i like the dirtiest parts of los angeles. i like the idea the angels are vile. in hollywood some life prior, id dance in the street with the ugliest of beings and o god we are the hellions, the little blue devils. i liked the filthy pieces of the Ocean Pacific. those wet-cracks goodnights. and a sacred moment atop Palos Verdes, hills over the metropolis. i could see into the bedroom of a mansion; i could breathe above the quietude. then the waves would go ravenous. and that sand-hard lick got louder.

    we are the revolutionaries. we want all of us branded and battered and abused outsider to open rain on the popularity pasture. to crucify the sheep with an altered paradigm-blade. make something of yourselves! dont forget to open your hungry little mouths. if they cant hear it they cant hear the reflection of self. so fuck em.

    fuck them twice.

    you are not alone, christopher or javascript box alerting some perfect bot-being or long lost paramour you will never be alone. when the music begins as a tension up your spine, like the nightmares that arouse you, the cramping duality that came above autonomy, the sacred closet psalm. mirror-fucked. you are not alone. none of us are. i am not. i am the mirror and the mirror is me. i am the music and the music is he.

    america is an empire Roman teetering on the edge. i want to be here for the fall, smeared lips and ripped tights, post-apocalyptic ruin, for the noise of revelation. & then break away to europes brumal-cold bed. be fascinated from Berlins fractures once the chaos comes undone. you dont want to rip that blouse from the other side.

    anima/animus we are all the unconscious gun we are all the animal one. pieces of you, pieces of them, pieces of we undivided. unzipped. inhumed in the tempers calm. and loved to sweats release.

    remember that.


  62. Joy Dale Says:

    A sponge in a dry well could soak up the world, then wring itself out into visions of poetry. I am fascinated by your searching, and pray to the gods that betime enough to drink.

  63. Dean McKenna Says:

    You. I dont even know if I can say you saved me, but you helped mold me mentally over these past few years.
    My entire life Ive spent ignoring or brushing past the kind of detachment from everyone I face on the daily.
    Youve helped me look around and just know someone knows, I cant go into detail, Id take forever, but thank YOU.
    Philidelphia needs to happen,


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