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Hello my tribe .

Life gets more beautiful with the announcement of this new North American tour .
It’s always an honor and a moving experience to share air with the most passionate, supportive, attractive and conscientious fans on the planet .
True to the addict I am , I need to see you , touch you and release the IAMX beast again .
Bring your dark hearts and screaming mouths and I will service you in the best way that I know how .

Much love




Tickets and information: www.musicglue.com/iamx

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  • Belinda

    Anybody from El Paso going?

  • Shawn

    The darkest sould are craving for Europe dates..
    Estonia awaits you!

    • Shawn

      … i mean “souls”.

  • Eli

    In Guadalajara we want our own Setlist:

    1.- Say Hello Melancholia
    2.- Simple Girl
    3.- Look Outside
    4.- Running
    5.- President
    6.- Sailor
    7.- Wildest wind
    8.- I come with knives
    9.-The Alternative
    10.- Happiness
    11.- No maker makes me
    12.- Insomnia
    13.- North Star
    14.- White Suburb Impressionism
    15.- Kiss and Swallow
    16.- Black Sheep
    17.- Splinter
    18.- I Am Terrified

    Please, we wait for so long too see you Chris.

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